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& ">NBSP; In addition, in my view, the system UI is flat as if the TV screen is square, so the TV frame also if the square is only in line with the aesthetic (excluding technology progress factor, now the television is indeed more and more thin founder, this is in line with the long-term aesthetic). Similarly, the screen is flat, so the UI also if the plane is more in line with the long-term aesthetic (well, this is my personal logic), at least I am already tired of those 2D screen full of 3D, highlights, reflective, messy and dazzling. I am also convinced that in many people who complain about the graphic design of the user in the experience, personally experienced a good flat system (note, not Microsoft's Metro) fell in love with it, IOS7 will have the opportunity to tell you the flat UI can be done very wonderful and beautiful.

In addition, refer to UI flatness we do not always apply WINDOWS8 and WP8 Metro interface, it is just a myriad of kinds of graphic design, Microsoft's Metro interface color thick, stiff, jump, contrast through high, a large number of single color block is not regular, difficult to classify, It is easy to cause confusion and visual fatigue, color swatch color will make people feel like a pupil painting crayon painting use color, very strong, is the failure of the plane.

So this trend of UI flatness is not going to last forever? When will it be over? I believe that when the naked eye 3D screen mature, when the mobile phone screen can be perfect to achieve the naked eye, which is still holding the UI flatness, which is a fool.

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