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At this time last year, "natural gas shortage" wreaked havoc in most parts of the country. Starting late this month, PetroChina has stopped the supply of natural gas to some of its downstream industrial users in parts of North China, to ensure the supply of civilian gas, such as heating gas.  However, due to the oil giants of the new pipeline, early use of gas storage, advance arrangements for the international procurement of LNG, and other measures, a large area of "gas shortage" is not present in China.  Industry analysts believe that the current cold weather all over the domestic gas supply in general some of the gap, but compared to the 2010 years of the grim situation has improved significantly, so "gas shortage" within the controllable range.  Some areas of MPF industrial gas listed companies Cangzhou Dahua today issued a notice, because China Oil and natural gas Company Limited North Gas Sales branch to stop the gas supply, will lead to the company urea and nitric acid production plant discontinued. Cangzhou Dahua did not specifically disclose the amount of damage that may be caused.  However, its holding subsidiary of Cangzhou Dahua TDI Limited Liability company and the company Poly-Hai branch of the production and operation of Normal. PetroChina North China Branch to stop Cangzhou Dahua Natural gas supply, and the recent cold weather. According to the announcement, due to the continued low temperature impact, natural gas demand surges, PetroChina North China branch in accordance with the principle of civil and pressure industry, decided from January 20 onwards, to stop to Cangzhou Dahua supply of natural gas production, only supply maintenance equipment to keep warm and residents heating gas.  The production of gas will be based on resources and temperature in North China to restore timely supply. PetroChina only MPF industrial natural gas in some areas, mainly for the purpose of giving priority to the protection of residents ' gas. According to the China Petroleum Group website, currently, PetroChina West-East gas pipeline company has been with the city's energy authorities and downstream users to coordinate, regulating industrial gas.  6 Gas power plant users along the winter stop, less open the unit, from more than 50 million cubic meters per month of gas consumption, reduced to 1.4 million ~200 per month million cubic meters.  Wang Jiamei Energy Gas analyst said that some industrial enterprises in North China, the situation of limited gas, MPF, in the current situation is normal, because the domestic winter and summer gas peak difference is still there, the construction of gas storage has a process, in the short term can not be completely resolved.  According to the data provided by the energy source, the domestic natural gas apparent consumption reached 107.2 billion cubic meters in 2010, which grew by 22.73%, of which the annual domestic production was about 95 billion cubic meters and the net was 12.2 billion cubic meters. Large area "gas shortage" difficult to reproduce however, Wang Jiamei that this year, the domestic large area of "gas shortage" will not reappear. The northeast of Shenyang is the use of larger areas, the 2010 gas consumption of about 1 million cubic meters, the year's supply and demand gap only 200,000 cubic meters, and the 2009 gap is far beyond this figure.  The 200,000 cubic meters of gas supply and demand gap can be supplemented by imported LNG. Wang Jiamei also pointed out that this year, Hubei, Hunan gas supply tension is also relatively relieved. In Wuhan, for example, the 2010 gasThe supply gap is around 100,000 ~20, while the 2009 shortfall is around 1 million cubic meters. According to the PetroChina Group website, December 5 last year, the west-east gas transmission line east of the central Zhongwei to Huangbei trunk early production, in advance by the Wuhan West Station and Xiangfan station into the Chung-Wu pipeline. The second batch of trans-shipment reconstruction was successfully completed by the project of the Zhong Wu line.  At this point, Zhong Wu Line and west-east gas transmission lines and the west-East gas pipeline network officially connected, to achieve three-wire connectivity, open Hunan and Sichuan-Chongqing area of natural gas "tee."  Chung-Wu Pipeline 2010 Winter sales volume reached 1.771 billion cubic meters, an increase of 393 million cubic meters in 2009, an increase of up to 35.74%. As of December 14 last year, the west-East gas pipeline has moved from the west-east gas transmission line Zhongwei station and the Huangbei station into the gas, the daily intake volume from more than 10 million cu m to more than 17 million cubic meters.  At the same time, the west-east gas pipeline from Tarim to 7.079 billion cubic meters of natural gas, coal seam gas 242 million cubic meters. 2010, PetroChina also took early response measures. 2010, PetroChina used gas storage to carry out a little earlier than the previous year, last November, the main protection of natural gas supply in Beijing, Beijing Natural gas pipeline company Dagang Reservoir Group has begun to pick up gas from the underground, the planned gas consumption of more than 5 million cubic meters/day. In addition to the Dagang gas storage group, the North China Gas storage group has been put into operation, the reserves of the two gas storage groups have reached 1.963 billion cubic meters, increased by 150 million cubic meters than in 2009.
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