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Absrtact: Domestic information classification website Platform Network (, since the beginning of the acquisition has been in the rectification phase. Tencent Science and technology recently learned that the new platform network will say goodbye to the past no need to register the post model, in the recent formal on-line its user registration platform, and closely follow

Domestic Information Classification website Platform Network (, since the beginning of the acquisition has been in the rectification phase. Tencent Science and technology recently learned that the new platform network will say goodbye to the past no need to register the mode of posting, in the recent formal launch of its user registration platform, and closely follow the "electronic commerce" step, in August before the launch of its online trading platform.

In March this year, the platform network was acquired by a Beijing network company with 10 million RMB. The negotiations, which began in January, lasted two months and eventually reached a deal. Insiders said that the acquisition of the platform network because of the opportunity to see the classification of information market. "At present, the Internet industry in the classification of information flow in the gradual rise in the line of intermediaries are also gradually turning to the line." Classified information still has a certain chance, is now rising, unlike in previous years in the decline stage. "he said. The choice of platform network, informed that the Platform network is China's first classified information site, has a good development value.

Platform Network was founded in 2003, was originally born in the United States. It is the earliest to learn the United States the largest classified information site Craigslist followers, the same pursuit of no ads concise pages, posting without registration. 2008, Platform Network officially established in Beijing, gradually rely on word-of-mouth development. 2010, the site due to improper operation was once sealed, and then exploded with a large number of vulgar content. In the late stage, due to insufficient investment from Taiwanese investors, the website was gradually shelved. Now, the new platform network has been restructured and is about to meet users with new features.

It is understood that after the acquisition of the platform network is still independent operation, but in the personnel has made a major adjustment, has reconstituted management team, by independent companies to operate the site. At present, the site is still in the revision, and the new version will be based on the original substantial innovation. To sum up, the main changes are as follows:

First, the new page, the introduction of advertising. At present, the homepage of the Platform network follows the simple style of American Craigslist, almost pure text web design, although at a glance, but slightly outdated. The new version of the page in the maintenance of a simple style at the same time, will be more beautiful, the specific layout is still in the design and development. Compared to the original completely without the characteristics of advertising, insiders said, the new platform network will introduce ads, but not like similar sites so flooded, so as not to induce users.

Second, add a platform to expand mobile phone end. The new platform network will further optimize the vertical subdivision area, thus more close to the user needs, the future will also be added for children's products trading platform. At present, the site is still focused on the PC side, the future will gradually expand to the mobile end.

Third, user registration supervision. A major feature of the platform network is that users can publish and browse information without registering. In order to implement more effective supervision over individual user transactions, the new edition decided to abandon the original practice and embark on the path of user registration. Users need to submit mobile phone, ID card and other information to verify, the website will further verify the seller information, so that the timely deletion of improper transaction information to ensure that the user transaction security. The new user registration platform will be launched at the end of this week.

Four, push the online trading platform, so that third-party compensation. New platform network, will try to do online transactions, while achieving third-party compensation. The registration mechanism enables the seller's information to be verified to ensure that the site can delete the information as quickly as possible and pay the user the first time. It is reported that the online trading platform will be completed within a month.

Facing the mobile internet and the wave of electronic business, platform network adjustment layout, start again. In the face of the fierce competition in the information classification market, whether the platform network can find its own advantages and gain a place for the future, everything remains to be observed.

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