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A few days ago, the electric business is a big publicity, sales of high value enviable November 11, http://www.aliyun.com/zixun/aggregation/7946.html "> Day Cat Mall Home category total sales of more than 300 million, And then the investigation of the reporter found that brand home enterprises in the days of the cat refund rate crazy soaring. Family home, Trimebutine furniture "Double 11" after the refund rate has been higher, the family home in the experience of double 12 retreat rate unexpectedly up to 124.95%, this number is still in constant refresh.

Big cat sales are also a big refund

Since the beginning of last week, many home brands of the cat flagship store has a large refund of the tide, some refund rate unexpectedly more than 100%. With the gradual retreat of consumer enthusiasm, "double 11" The myth of the sales spree began to be questioned and criticized.

In the reporter aimed at the whole friend, family home, trimebutine furniture, the three channels of electrical business more robust and more than the number of online shopping brand for nearly one months of observation. It turns out that the 36.26% refund rate for the whole friend of the previous period is not a surprising figure, after the double 12 (because of dual 11 delivery period is longer, and consider some businesses in the double 12 may also be promotional activities, for comprehensive statistics, reference double 12 activity after data), family and Trimebutine two major brands of the refund rate soared.

December 15, the family home 30-day refund rate of 119.54%, the total number of 1292 times, 565 times for no reason refunds. Trimebutine Furniture Refund rate also reached 47.09%, the total number of 905 times, 402 returns for no reason refunds.

December 16, the data was again refreshed, the family home rebate rate reached 124.95%, and Trimebutine also rose two percentage points, reached 49.78%. And that number is still rising. 17th, the family refund rate has reached 130.53%, Trimebutine is 52.34%. The next, the family home soared to 135.26%, Trimebutine 53.99%.

At the same time, the whole friend's refund rate is gradually falling back, this shows that the furniture industry electricity rebate rate is a common problem. The whole friend only appears earlier, and other brands have a tendency to live in the future.

Buyers can't afford a collective excuse for a businessman

As to why so many buyers choose to refund, from the cat shows the return reason, the whole friend is mainly due to not receive goods, family home and Trimebutine is no reason to refund the majority. And the number of three refund reasons on the Web page, "due to the quality of goods, not received, buyers have no reason to refund," The sum of refunds, far less than the total number of refunds, only from the cat's Web page is difficult to understand the buyer refund the full reasons.

For the ultra high refund rate, the whole friend has said publicly, is because "some blank market orders also next, these areas of goods are undeliverable, resulting in a refund." "Reporter to the identity of the buyer to ask the whole friend, family home and Qu Mei Furniture customer service," Why is the refund rate so high, is not the product quality problems? "Customer service first said that online goods and physical stores are the same, the refund rate is high because" the time is too long, they can't wait, pro. "Song Mei customer service also told the Reporter:" is because of the production cycle. Double 11 of the guests are not very aware of the next single production. "Family home customer service is the reporter's question has been ignored."

Day Cat Official Customer service recommends careful purchase

For more than 100% of the high refund rate of this puzzling phenomenon, the reporter to consumer identity call days Cat customer service, ask about the situation.

Cat customer service to hear the reporter said, double 11 do exist buyers can not wait or because do not like the return of the situation, "This is sometimes not a seller's problem." "But more than 100% of the refund rate is" relatively high. As to whether this phenomenon is normal, the customer service only said that the cat is a comprehensive seller situation published data, and finally she said, "as a customer service I still suggest you do not choose this shop", the refund rate is too high, or there is a certain risk.

Business self-defense high refund rate is a misunderstanding

Qu Mei Group Vice President Wunani explained, now the cat on the display of the refund rate in fact, can not really express the business double 11 after the actual situation.

"First of all, the Double 11 day, consumer shopping is very crazy, we actually paid a part of the deposit, set the discount price at that time." "The next one months, consumers to determine the size, fabric and other information, and customer service is also verifying the mailing address, so the next time, there will be consumers because of size, logistics, delivery cycle issues such as return orders." Trimebutine continues to accept other orders for the 1-month period of November-December 18th. She says the 960 withdrawal orders now seen are mostly from double 11, while the cat's statistics are nearly 30 days of trading, a small number of orders after a double 11. Therefore, this denominator will be relatively small, the resulting refund rate is relatively high.

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