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For those who often envy to do user products, can pay more attention to user experience, interactive design, have the opportunity to use their own design products, you can hear the most real feedback around. Commercial products are utilitarian and direct a lot of attention is not the same, today's simple to talk about work experience it.

1. What's more important than doing nothing

The goal of a commercial product is clear, either to make money for the company, to save money for the company, or to make money faster and better. The point of making money is actually so one or two, the other is more auxiliary, do cool again dazzle, when the customer discovers you are wants him to dig the purse, will be all of a sudden cautious up. A lot of things we think are pretty good, the customer's first reaction is "What are you doing?" I don't want this. The earth is the earth point, figure a peace of mind. "This is a very common situation," he said.

The other is full of confidence are ready to go online, the front-line staff looked at the said "This is good, but can be used internally, first not open to customers." I am afraid that they will see this, there is doubt, may affect XX, also will increase our workload. "You listen to silly eyes, but there is no way, the pace is big will pull the egg."

This does not include any timing problems ah, the promotion cost ah, legal risk ah, and so on, have to consider. Originally made a cake, filled with joy to serve stage, the result is only the end of the cake, not necessarily someone to eat.

So, planning is beautiful, the reality is cruel. Many changes and deletions were unexpected and had to be done, and the product was always smaller.

Friendship tip: Have the opportunity, first occupy the pit, other can slowly, if need to chop function, also must not be soft. Carefully crafted results, often by other products robbed the first, and then face the death of the womb, struggling. If Xin ye see this paragraph, should be very powerless.

2. Not just a user experience

We will be more concerned about customers than users. Users have other people to consider.

There is a fact to be admitted: rising incomes usually lead to a decline in user experience. Because most of the revenue comes from advertising.

There are not many people who like to watch ads, but like Amazon, the Kindle can be cheaper than 25 knives, and it is expected to endure more.

Before listening to a colleague said: "Customers come to us to make money, as long as you can make him make money, no longer he will come." Take a few more steps, and maybe spend a little more time studying it. Wait for the day he really loses, you design again beautiful again good, the customer also won't come. ”

That's the reason.

So business product managers will be more "utilitarian" and more concerned with revenue and business models. It's not easy to make money for our customers. It can be used first, then it is easy to use, finally consider the interaction design, user experience.

Not advocating UCD, sometimes really powerless. KPI you can't afford to hurt.

3. The customer is very practical, cool things are not necessarily good to sell, more functions and the whole is not necessarily popular

Because I belong to the research and development team, I have more contact with Rd.

Many engineers have faith in technology. The front-end developers want a cool display, like Google Doodle. The backend's obsession with building an efficient and flexible architecture is the most focused on performance issues. Most importantly, they think the client is the same as what they think.

These days I have repeatedly said to my colleagues, "to be clear about the core function to survive, a hodgepodge of everything will only make the new product die faster." ”

This is the same with user products. In the introduction of new concepts, it is best to establish a "do something" and "website" between the association, just like "to find a job, buy a ticket to where, see restaurant information to the public comments" so, trying to subtly affect the user's use habits. At first it must be a clear target of this position, it will become your foothold, wait until the user formed a "I want to do this thing can be on this site" reflex, and then expansion is not too late.

Some people would say, "Isn't that a label for the site?" and it's hard to get rid of this property. ”

Well, I don't think so.

For example, when the first selling books, now also sell department stores, I can not arbitrarily say that the department store profits must be less than the book business, but the active landing when and produce the purchase behavior, most of the shopping cart will have books. Can let the user is not regular active landing, to the website has been qualitative change. In addition, the book's delineation of the user base is not only the demand for books, he will buy a book at the same time to buy some other goods (buy all things at once is a common idea of many people), gradually, the user will begin to understand the original when the department store is also very complete, it will be a very long process, after all, Taobao has a lot of shopping flow. As long as you can stabilize the book market share, the other part of the profit growth is worth looking forward to.

If, when originally also launched the book + department store, will be better than the present situation? Dare to announce the cessation of the launch of Baidu ads? Have the confidence to let the majority of customers directly log in when it? My answer is "NO", I think the function is clear, the target customer clearly the best.

Rd are always like eye-catching, powerful products, can handle all the operation, the customer really think so? He is here to advertise, he wants to have a higher rate of return, you tell him how to play these commercial products, but also tell him where there is business opportunities, where to make money, the easiest to make money. A product is a tool, a path to an end, not a final one. Don't confuse that.

Do not believe, you can ask, some customers even want to ignore anything, sit at home and wait for money. About 80% of customers are unwilling to spend more than they want, which is a very frustrating business.

Pay customers no more than the average user, he has a clear demand and expectations, you have to do is to meet this demand, if it can be better than he expected, it has been successful.

4. Better tell a story

Similar to the previous one, is to let customers remember you, this is particularly important for value-added products.

And the boss report, and the first line of the time also quite useful, methods can see the "speech of Zen" this book. "Write a variety of ideas in a notebook equivalent to a storyboard, and then design the structure and layout with PPT." ”

In a word to describe the positioning and core functions of products, many pm will do so, but you have not tried to build a situation, can make people think of you aimlessly? Ah ~ Actually this piece I have no successful experience, the following part is purely yy.

A few days ago and boyfriend chat to the new Ah, that is, ah life. The following is the promotion of Baidu Pictures:

After reading, I shook my head and said it was not reliable. Life is too broad a concept, "find life" is more like a kind of ideal or service purposes, did not convey what can give users the real information to help. Look at the home page, trying to "marriage, mother and child, family services, education and training," and other parts to make a difference.

Because I want too much, I don't know what I want.

Marriage, mother and child, family services and other related content, now mostly in the form of some women's forum or Life Forum sub-section exists, as if there is no big summary of information channels. We all know that this part of the profit is big, why not many people do? Because the market is too fragmented, most people are married once, have a baby, and only in the current paragraph is very concerned about this information, it is difficult to create a loyal user group, this is a very fatal thing to the site.

Back to my rough idea of "telling a story": Design a line about life without changing the general content of the site, such as:

Wedding--honeymoon----baby--school-age education during pregnancy--reading

Discard the notion of "finding what you seek", and play the life card more beautifully. Now the pattern is women as the target group, why not become a small family as the goal.

Play well "Yes, always by your side, be your intimate advisor" such a role, given the exact help of the service information, at the beginning of the content not so large, but can be very good to meet the first part of the delineation of the customer, so that they can stay, and they grow together. Don't be impatient, don't be too ambitious. Have AH have already failed once, if still can't hold entrepreneurial, step posture, the prospect is not optimistic.

Wrote this thought of a word, "slow company," thought of the watercress. Watercress to audio and video books as a breakthrough point, has won the stickiness of very high users and good reputation. Not a lot of websites of the red, nor that the flash in the pan. It has been sticking to a little bit of enlargement, leisurely. More rare is the core users of its devotion and tolerance, allow trial and error. I am very happy to see the news of the revision of Alpha City, when the watercress said also to change it.

That's all I think about for a while.

Perhaps they are not suitable for commercial products, the examples are neither fish nor fowl. Reading the time to study economics, after graduation also has the opportunity to enter the financial industry, unfortunately found himself no sense of money and no interest, that period of time I seem to indulge in the trial of various types of mobile phone software ...

Hey, E72 bad, recently in the tangle is to buy an Android or iphone4. Everyone recommended me to buy IP4, but it is really too arcade ... Continue to tangle.

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