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China Secret net (first Xu Wen) in the Yangtze River on the shore of the Sichuan Luzhou Naxi suburb of a eaves, a firewood, a wok, the pot boil a pot of black and shiny soup. In the pot, sometimes the foam rolled and the boiling water flowed, a tall middle-aged woman is attentively watching the things in the pot, bending to add fire to heat, or with a spoon stirred in the pot, from the early morning dew to the sunset sky, provoked passers-by stop and wait, always with a face of doubt leave ...  Originally is the Sichuan Luzhou Naxi doctor, Qingcheng sends 35 generation head Yue's granddaughter Li Jieyao is on the street to boil the family's ancestral Dan Ointment. Since the Zhou and Qin Dynasties, China has initiated and applied the pharmaceutical method of sublimation of medicine, which is the earliest of all countries in the world. In the ninth and Tenth century China's alchemy was introduced into the Arabian and 12th century in Europe. The medicine made by the Alchemy method has two kinds of external and internal use, while the oral administration is gradually being amoy because of its toxicity. Topical people are still very valuable.  Yes, Dr. Lee's Dan Ointment is used for all kinds of rheumatism and bone diseases. The good boy of martial arts family this year more than 40 years old Li Jieyao Department Naxi District an individual doctor, father is Leshan Shuikou town person, by virtue of a erhu into Chengdu Water Conservancy and Electric Power Bureau, and then support Luzhou Lu Tian construction came to Luzhou, from the Yangtze River Shore found life's foothold. The Mother Yu Fengxian Department Qingcheng 35 generation Yue Female, by father, from childhood love martial arts, in the late 50 's, had won the first prize of Sichuan Wushu Competition. Li Jieyao is the eldest daughter of the family, at the age of five or six began to take a sibling to play, from childhood well-behaved obedient, won grandpa like, when primary school began to contact martial arts, consciously learn boxing, sword, gun and other basic skills. Home from the grandfather's home a section of road, every Tuesday and weekend, to grandpa back on a piece of firewood or vegetables to his home, under the guidance of Grandpa learning Martial Arts.  From childhood to high school, no matter Hanlaishuwang never interrupted, in middle school, but also for teachers and students to perform their own martial arts, and won the house applause. In the 80 's, there was a flurry of martial arts in China, and many people were injured and would come to grandpa for medical treatment. Sensible Li Jieyao help grandpa pour medicinal wine, baking plaster, help the patient to buy medicine in the pharmacy, sometimes also help Grandpa Bola patient amputation.  See a lot of patients cry and cry, happy and go, small clean Yao feel Grandpa's medical skill is particularly magical, extremely admire grandpa, especially see Grandpa boil alchemy of the mysterious appearance, special interest, very want to go to explore. Hatters was praised 17 years old, Li Jieyao High School After graduating, test into Luzhou paper mill, in the factory as a whole selection of work, daily spinning, paper cutting, in this boring post finished is more than two years. Factory is too far away from home, two years later transferred home to the nearby Naxi building pottery factory. At that time the factory every day half class, after work to the outside public run, one to look at two old people, and also continue to steal division apprentice.  A long time, Grandpa's many medical skills are naturally engraved in the heart of Jie Yao. Li Jieyao clearly remembers his first patient.It was the second day of the birth of a baby boy in Dadukou, the child's grandmother to the child to bathe, found the child's right arm red and red do not listen to, family will children embrace to clean Yao Grandpa there treatment, Grandpa consider the child is too small, afraid to cause trouble for themselves (Grandpa Bad), let the family take the child to the normal hospital perspective treatment, The meaning lets the normal hospital to treat. Unexpectedly, the family in the afternoon brought the child back. Just happened to go to Grandpa's call, the family cry for clean Yao to children treatment. Looking at the cry can be Ling Xi children, Jie Yao soft hearted. Calf She is not the patient's family's begging, carrying grandpa, first check out the baby belongs to deformity fracture, bold use surgery reset for the child reset, and grandfather commonly used cedar skin for children bandaged. Considering the child can not take medicine, let the child's mother to take ancestral, elder Dan, so that their children feeding time to take medicine, to achieve the effect of rehabilitation. The surgery is not over yet, and Grandpa is back. See the child quietly eating milk, just the anxiety is not.  After years of walking in the lake, Grandpa saw the granddaughter so craft, and not too much blame, but the report with a satisfactory smile. The first to get Grandpa's affirmation, since then, a time to go to Grandpa's clinic to run every now and then back to Grandpa dozen hands. Once, the local Jiangbei town has a villager shoulder key dislocation came to seek medical treatment, see the patient pain sweating, constantly moaning, Grandpa's many students with a side-lift, stair pull and other crafts can not reset, a group of people also tired sweating, also helpless. Stood in the side of Jie Yao saw, is very anxious. She divided the crowd: "Out of the window, I come to see!" She came, carefully observed the patient's bone injury site, Gas Shen Hara, the side of a clever foot, the moment let dislocated part of the position, the patient stood up, dumped the arm: "or this aunt to do ah!"  The audience laughed. Traditional Chinese Medicine alchemy in the late 80 's, the efficiency of the plant plummeted. Li Jieyao left the factory to follow Grandpa study Traditional Chinese Medicine orthopedics. With the development of society, she felt that the knowledge is not enough, Grandpa's many things have been powerless. At his own expense, he went to the Chinese medicine schools and hospitals to supplement their knowledge and enrich their clinical experience. By working hard, she gained the qualification of practising and tried to treat others independently.  In the fall of 2001, after a rigorous examination, she was granted a permit to practise as a village doctor, using her own home to open an outpatient service, and officially began her career as a pot-maker. Li Jieyao In addition to good at ancestral Chinese medicine, including comminuted fracture, lumbar intervertebral disc protrusion, but also specializes in hyperplasia of mammary glands, skin diseases, silver snow disease, lupus erythematosus, eczema, such as the treatment of intractable diseases. Especially the ancestral bone powder, the herd ointment and Qingcheng Huoxue-gu wine have remarkable curative effect. According to the introduction, the local protection of the town has a bit called stone so-and-so skin patients, suffering from nearly 30 years, to the late stage of the whole body of psoriasis. All kinds of drugs are used, is not better, through friends to find Li Jieyao, she used the family's Dan medicine to the patient internal external use, one weeks began to take effect, less than aThe patient was fully recovered in the month.  In Yibin Jiangan, a bear's old man's femoral neck oblique fracture, found Li Jieyao, she passed two months of treatment, the patient will soon be able to walk in the fields. In Li Jieyao's career, alchemy is the most troublesome thing, first choose the quality of Chinese herbal medicine as raw material, and then according to ancestral prescriptions for dispensing, pharmaceutical, some drugs in order to go to poison, need to use tung oil to soak for a week time. In the boil alchemy, to choose a good climate, Shichen fire boil. Depending on the use of the plaster, different drugs are used in the boil. such as the wind cream need to put in the drug in the centipede, hair, etc., if used for fracture plaster, you need to add to the hippocampus, broken snakes and other precious Chinese medicine, if used for skin disease, lupus, eczema, waist dan, etc., to join another Chinese medicine. In the process of refining, people can not leave at will, can not let plaster ditches pot along, let the fire into the pot. Otherwise it will be undone. The plaster fire color and the heat is very important, did not grasp well, a few days time also cannot boil out. When Dripping Chengzhu, it indicates that the fire color is in place. Dan Ointment boil good, after the medicine scoop out, pour on the green Slate annealing, finally spread on the cloth or paper, finally formed a plaster. According to Li Jieyao, her grandfather has many disciples, and now many people do not boil this kind of Dan ointment. She told said that this kind of Dan ointment time-consuming and laborious, before and after spent half a month to boil a pot out, also can not sell a few money, very want to give up. But think of a lot of people need, but also grandfather handed down things, only to endure.  Li Jieyao's grandfather has been dead for nearly 10 years, and she hopes that one day, the medical skills and the Dan ointment that she took from Grandpa's hand can become the intangible cultural heritage, which is her greatest wish. More than 20 years of medical medicine, Li Jieyao always adhere to the "serve the people" purposes, and effectively serve the local villagers. It is understood that today, he is still "uncivilized", medicine in the price on the basis of the appropriate charge of a certain amount of freight, their collection of herbs will be halved, plaster only sell 15 yuan a stick, a femoral neck fracture patients, the charges are only thousands of yuan, some poor families, but also the implementation of "relief slow." Someone asked her why the charge is still so cheap, she told said: are neighborhood, I do not hand ah! Country doctors, for many city dwellers, is a strange name. But local folks are not unfamiliar with Li Jieyao. Many fracture patients know that Li Jieyao here is cheap, always ask the way to seek medical attention. She regardless of the knowledge or do not know the patients are equally, equal to treat people, serious doctor, early to see early, belated late look, never refuse, the patient you introduce me, I introduce you, more and more. More than 20 years as a day, with the world easy Time shift, Li Jieyao always watch conscience, on the road of medicine to abide by their professional conduct.
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