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Servers in all walks of life have been widely used, regardless of large enterprise small enterprises, with a server or even more than a few servers have nothing strange. But the "> Small enterprises and basic enterprise organizations face a challenge, enterprises in the development stage, resources and space limitations." As a business, a variety of office equipment is essential, at this time, every office equipment will become occupy the space of the important factors.

The development of enterprises can not fully take the big enterprises to make reference, choose the right path of their own development, step-by-step is the way to survive. Taking into account the initial stage of the enterprise in the resources and environmental space in various aspects of the factors, but also must configure the machine, in this recommendation of several economically applicable 1U rack-type server for reference.

Intel R

Intel® R employs a 20-inch-short design, designed for enterprise users, extending uptime and maintainability, greatly facilitating operational use, and bringing high performance and reliability.

Intel R delivers new levels of performance and capabilities, and supports Intel Virtualization technology and Intel 64 features to support the latest software launch. It also supports ECC dual-channel DDR2 and Intel matrix storage technology to enable server systems to automatically detect and correct memory problems, thereby protecting critical data for customers. Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections are also supported, providing sufficient network bandwidth for independent subnets and redundant links through a variety of options.

intel® R processor type Inel Xeon 1860, 2MB two cache standard/maximum number of 1 memory types 1GB ECC Ddrii, maximum capacity support 8GB hard drive capacity/maximum capacity 160GB SATA Drive/floppy drive purchase/ Purchase Network card 2 Intel Gigabit Ethernet Connection

Gigabyte gs-sr168

Gigabyte gs-sr168 is a 1U rack server with a height of only 1.68 inches, or even thinner 0.2cm than the standard 1U (1.75 inches), so that the server in the high-density deployment of the host interval further increase, effectively prevent heat conduction, the overall system stable operation is very helpful.

This product uses the intel® E7320+6300ESB chipset, the Intel Xeon processor, which supports the 800MHz front-end bus, can support up to 3.6GHz. The fuselage has 6 memory slots that can support up to 12GB of RAM.

server has two hard disk racks that support hot-swappable technology, with onboard SATA RAID 1 technology to protect critical data and further improve system reliability.

gigabyte gs-sr168 not only satisfies the performance and stability of the server, realizes the perfect construction of the whole hardware and software, but also helps the users to win the high cost performance, which is a good choice for the education, scientific research or the small and medium enterprise users with limited funds.

gigabyte gs-sr168 processor type support Intel Xeon 2.8GHz CPU (800M fsb,2m cache) standard/maximum number of 1 memory types DDR2 ECC 512mbx2, maximum memory capacity support 12GB HDD capacity/MAX capacity Seagate 160G SATA150 Optical Drive/floppy drive purchase/purchase NIC onboard 2 Gigabit network Controller

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