Red Flag won the first batch of Zhongguancun trademark pilot and demonstration Unit member honorary title

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October 16, sponsored by Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau and Zhongguancun Management Committee, China Technical exchange of Zhongguancun National trademark Strategy to implement the trademark Promotion conference in Zhongguancun Crowne Plaza Hotel Grand held. State Administration of Industry and Commerce Deputy Director Ching, Beijing Deputy Mayor Cheng, state Administration for Industry and Commerce, Director of the Trademark Office Hury and other related leaders attended the meeting. At the meeting, the Beijing Municipal Trade and Industry Bureau and Zhongguancun Management Committee jointly released the first group of Zhongguancun trademark pilot units list, China's Linux market leader-Beijing Zhongke Red Flag Software Technology Co., Ltd., with the implementation of trademark strategy, intellectual property technology protection and other aspects of a solid and effective exploration, Deserved to be one of the 50 first-list members.

It is understood that this meeting is to further accelerate the implementation of Zhongguancun National trademark Strategy demonstration Area construction, enhance the demonstration area Enterprise trademark registration, use, management and protection ability, through the recognition Demonstration Area trademark work superiority outstanding pilot unit, enhances the demonstration area each enterprise's trademark work ability. The main content is to carry on the periodical summary to the Zhongguancun trademark work, announces the Zhongguancun trademark pilot and the demonstration unit list and grants the card, holds the Zhongguancun Trademark Service center to open the card ceremony. The first batch of 5 trademark demonstration units and 50 pilot units were identified after a one-month expert review. At the meeting, the leaders and guests held a licensing ceremony for the trademark pilot and demonstration unit representatives.

As "The first batch of Zhongguancun trademark pilot and demonstration units" members, since the company since its inception, attaches great importance to shaping and maintaining the brand, improve the use of trademarks and management system, not only to obtain national High-tech Enterprises identified, software enterprises identified; 2006 through ISO9001 Quality Management system Certification 2008 again won the National High-tech Enterprises identified, at the same time access to High-tech enterprises in Zhongguancun and Haidian District, the identification of innovative enterprises. Company in product development, innovation at the same time attaches great importance to the protection of independent intellectual property rights, as of October 2012 a total of 45 software copyright. Over the years, in the trademark work on the basis of vigorous development, the red flag Software product performance, technical support, training and services have been steadily improved, and at home and abroad to obtain a good reputation and visibility, establish a good corporate image and brand.

After winning the award, Red Flag will continue to strengthen the implementation of trademark strategy, in combination with the company's intellectual property technology advantages, the establishment of an effective trademark work system, and actively explore innovative trademark work model, in the park "to establish well-known trademarks and well-known trademarks of the protection mechanism" on the policy, strengthen the brand construction work, To promote Zhongguancun National trademark strategy to implement the construction of the demonstration area to contribute strength!

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