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As we all know, in the domestic Internet environment, the card position, the entrance contention is the most important means of competition, search, navigation, browser, input method, operating system, etc. are serious military battleground. And for the big data era that has come, this "scramble" in the data angle has another meaning-for the entry-level large data contention, Baidu through the search technology to control a large number of user search behavior and site content data, Ali control the user online shopping and payment data, Tencent is the world's largest social data system, and Sogou's browser and input method user data, MIUI operating system data are the core competitiveness of their data competition, with short-term irreplaceable.

Maybe, some people would say the value of large data technology is also very large, indeed, so at present, the large data age of the company's competitiveness can be three types: large data itself, large data technology, large data thinking.

Although these three kinds of competitiveness are irreplaceable, but ultimately most of the value must be from the data itself to dig, and large data itself as a private asset of the company, it is difficult to be copied by competitors short-term, its owners are more likely to form their own industry barriers or waging a war. An example is Taobao refused to pick up the data Baidu, and gradually let Baidu pain loss to search the Gold field. Baidu for search experts, although large data technology strong, but still in the local competition lost the opportunity.

On the other hand, companies with large data thinking advantages tend to belong to emerging entrepreneurial companies, most of whose founders have large data thinking ability and large data technology, can discover the application value of large data in a particular business area earlier, and implement it first time.

The time for online data is over, new opportunities to "data" the information under the line

In the current domestic Internet competition open degree, want to be in the size of the product layout of the giant to create an entrance-level products, it is almost impossible, and the giant of the control of imported products and indirectly realize the control of the corresponding data.

So, the data that can be controlled the blue sea is not it? Strictly speaking, everything in the whole world and its changes are "data", small to a person's information, such as a person's online shopping behavior, a person's heart rate, pulse, ECG, EEG, personality tendencies are data, large to urban traffic information, economic operation data, and even the orbit of cosmic stars, are all data.

However, most of the data is still under the line, only the "offline data" into "online data", the value of large data can be the real meaning of the release, while the formation of their own data competition barriers. For example, the public comments, early through the street-sweeping model accumulated a large number of restaurants and dishes of data, coupled with the latter in the data based on the rolling in the comments data, and gradually formed an online private data system.

Hardware may become a more forward "portal" for networked large data competition

Throughout the history of human science and technology civilization, the "data" transformation of human information is always accompanied by the emergence of new data measurement/recording tools, such as pen and paper to record the physical text, Universal barcode and Barcode scanner to make the retail into the information operation era, and the latest Google Glasses can also make people's visual attention to "data". In the future, can be implanted in the human body of high intelligent chip, wearable terminals, intelligent network and things will become a further "data" tool to help information.

In recent years, US internet companies are increasing their own consumer electronics, Google, Amazon, the internet giants have been from Apple, Samsung and other consumer electronics giants learn and integrate new elements-not because of the small profit of the hardware itself, More or less control of a more predecessor product and data entry.

Similarly, the domestic situation, one side is the rise of personal consumer electronics enterprises, on the one hand, more and more by the Internet thinking into the hardware sector enterprises, these enterprises have gradually built their own characteristics of the hardware level, data-level entry barriers. Internet + software and hardware combination of the operation of the way, whether or not aware that the end is very likely to produce a strong barrier to a huge data system, this system can get through a huge, heterogeneous, continuously updated user-level data.

With the core competitiveness of these large data, combined with the development of data thinking and data technology, it will eventually bring about the realization of data value.

The expected application value direction of hardware data

1, reconstruct the human life style: Intelligent hand ring, smart watch, smart glasses, unmanned vehicles, such as wearable, driving intelligent device itself is changing the human life style. Data estimates that the next generation of technology products shipments and users will be 10 times times the level of the previous generation of technology products, that followed by a large number of quantitative user data generation, such as now jawbone Hand ring can accumulate 1 billion paces of data and 700,000 hours of sleep data, By melon the EEG data of the smart head ring to improve the work efficiency, it will become a reality to predict the potential sports injury through the data of Nike's multiple movement.

2, to get across cross-industry data, optimize internal operation: Domestic internet companies are more in their familiar areas accumulated a lot of data in the field, but for cross-industry, across the field of data relative importance to a lesser degree. And the data is "external value", just like Taobao's user payment data may be used in the insurance industry will bring its operational efficiency, and auto brake data combined with LBS data will reveal the safety of public transport sections, the same, the user's own dietary intake, movement data, External weather data will optimize Taobao's product recommendation algorithm, to bring users more reasonable recommended products.

3, to help the Internet in traditional industries and rethink traditional Business architecture: for example, in the medical industry, traditional medical diagnostics rely more on the short, coarse-grained data obtained by "Hango", and modern medicine introduces a large number of medical devices, but only the results obtained at the hospital site. And the formation of disease and treatment itself is very complex, such as some chronic diseases, may need to accumulate a number of long-term historical blood glucose, heart rate data; some psychiatric illnesses may require your work intensity data, sleep data, and the pattern of changes in EEG and ECG under pressure; Some regional weather data may also help diagnose respiratory diseases.

And for the pharmaceutical industry is also so, based on different users of different quantitative data, medical institutions can be developed for different characteristics of the patient's personalized medicine, and is no longer a manual on the extensive "child halving" and other extensive classification of drugs. In addition, intelligent transportation, smart grid, sports health, environment, public utilities and many other industries are not to be able to support the smart hardware, but also the product of a huge amount of data.

The genes of the internet have been infiltrated into various industries and positioning and transformation of the traditional industry Internet entrepreneurial environment will soon hatch out of the future of the Internet industry giants, the process, smart hardware and its data will play a vital role, but also to the user to bring a better lifestyle and experience.

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