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Chen, chairman of Renren, said that all of the assets owned by everyone now have moved quickly to mobile internet

Newspaper reporter He Jun

A few days ago, internal data from Renren showed that more than 1 million of users had been using a new version of their personal home page for everyone's timeline, and that the figure was growing more rapidly with time-axis products fully open in late November. On everyone's timeline, users can add a variety of stories, such as school, work, marriage, travel, and so on, to show themselves in all aspects of life, to express who you are in a new way, and to date directly to the day of birth.

"The timeline allows Renren to return to the roots of SNS, that is, real personal and real social relationships," said an industry insider who declined to be named. Renren is apparently hoping to use the time axis to activate users, making white-collar users more active. ”

In Chen, chairman and chief executive officer of Renren, everyone's timeline is a landmark product, "Renren's mission is to record all the bits and pieces of human life, to combine all the life together, and then to string all the contents into a human history".

Time axis is expected to be the SNS breaking the Bureau

Mention SNS, have to mention Weibo. It is because of micro-bo "overtaking", so that once the heyday of the SNS is not a small impact. So, everyone timeline this is Chen a boat to "epoch-making" products, can help SNS dozen a turnaround? In this respect, the industry insiders pointed out, "micro-bo media attributes are stronger, and Renren has accumulated more real friend relationship, it is based on this real friend relationship, it makes everyone more suitable for the timeline." In everyone online, users can start their own growth experience, life by the time axis to share the real life of friends, and no longer just in the registration site after the life. The timeline is the first Internet product to allow users to fully document their lives in a time dimension, compared to the overemphasis on fragmented microblogs. ”

Topaz, vice president of Renren, said, "The personal homepage is the core of SNS, and it records all the behaviors and social relationships of users online." Everyone timeline is a reform of the personal homepage, through the timeline, all the stories in your life can be highlighted and displayed, it is a multi-dimensional representation of each individual's personality, in a new way to tell others who you are. ”

The company's latest earnings figures show that the third-quarter activation of users over 172 million, compared with the same period last year, 137 million growth of 35 million, year-on-year growth of 25%, compared with the second quarter of this year 162 million, the chain growth of 6%. The monthly independent landing users also increased from 38 million in September 2011 to 48 million in September 2012, up 27%. Renren Albums page about 8 million photos are uploaded every day, the status of the release of more than 20 million. "There's a lot of real social relationships on everyone's platform, based on these intimate friendships, we have introduced the timeline, because the timeline product, if not based on close friendship, has no effect," when it comes to the threshold of the timeline, Topaz says the accumulation of such large data is the most valuable asset for everyone. "

Everyone company embraces mobile interconnection

Since the beginning of this year, almost all internet companies have been very close to the mobile internet, and everyone company is no exception. According to Wu Jian, deputy president and Wireless general manager of Renren, "at present, more than 60% of the users are logged in by mobile devices every day, and in the foreseeable future, the number of mobile devices will surpass that of PCs, which will increase to around 80%."

"Everyone is now beginning to embrace the mobile internet fully. We call 2012 "The Year of wireless", from this year onwards, everyone's products must be wireless-centric, and vigorously develop wireless services, some products even only to do the wireless side, "Chen to the securities daily," the company's all assets have been quickly shifted to the mobile internet.

Public information display, Renren, sticky rice network mobile clients have been fully covered by Apple, Android, Microsoft's three mainstream mobile platform; Game field, everyone's game products in the App Store, the cumulative number of downloads ranked first in China; Jingwei business Card is a mobile business social product that comes directly from the mobile phone. And only the handset side. In addition, everyone has recently launched a shadow DV (mobile social video sharing tool), radio and other popular mobile products. Everyone's shopping-sharing site, "Everyone shopping" has just carried out the most large-scale revision, and the simultaneous introduction of the application of Apple and Android mobile phone clients.

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