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A fishing boat that starts in the morning. The fishing boat in the operation of the plastic basket of the bell seedling: 56 nautical miles from Dalian, Roe Island, is recognized by the world as one of the best sea treasures, as early as the 70 generation from Roe Island wrinkle plate abalone, sea cucumber as a state banquet boutique served Nixon, Tanaka Wing, such as the Chinese and foreign dignitaries. 2006 Roe Island Group in Shenzhen stock market, known as the "blue chip at sea." However, a "20 years in the worst" cold water Regiment let Roe Island 1.5 million acres of marine pasture encounter extinction. Whether the cold water regiment exists, where 7.4 billion of scallops have gone, and for half a month these doubts have been shrouded in Roe Island. Roe Island, the famous Fuyu Roe Island, 56 nautical miles from Dalian port, because the ship is too far away, most Dalian residents have never boarded the Roe Island, they only know that the place produces sea cucumber. The newly opened cross-Strait passenger ferry in May this year has shortened the distance between the two sides from 3 hours to 1个小时50分钟, thus attracting many fishing enthusiasts. Every morning at 8, the cross-Strait happiness departs from Dalian Port and can reach Roe Island less than 10 o'clock. This is an area of less than 15 square kilometers of small island, due to the twists and turns of the coastline, rocky reefs staggered, aquatic resources are very rich, the existing two nursery, six farms and a seafood processing plant. With unique resources, Roe Island residents struggle to become a famous Fuyu, the whole island is white wall red tile two-storey small building, very European style. In addition, there are mountain-built primary school, bright color of the kindergarten, the elderly, everywhere fitness facilities. When several heads are covered with red and yellow scarves, and seafood women walk by, you realize that this is not a land town, but an island. The island looks calm and impermanent, but since October 31, the island's people have been restless. October 30 night, listed companies Roe Island Group issued a notice, because the North Yellow Sea encounter abnormal cold water Regiment, the company 1.5 million acres of marine pasture encounter extinction, affected by this year, the first three quarters, Roe Island will be a huge loss of 812 million yuan. After the announcement, Roe Island's calm was broken, investigation agencies, the media have ashore to launch an investigation. Roe Island people are both residents and shareholders in the morning less than 6 points, Roe Island on the shore there are fishing boats on the ship, with "Liao long fishing xxx", or "Roe Island group" words. These vessels are responsible for harvesting, as well as for spreading seedlings. Along the coast, twos residents gather to talk about the loss of Roe Island, but when strangers ask, the islanders appear cautious. "We don't know anything" is the general reaction of residents, because the inhabitants of Roe Island have multiple identities. They are both residents of the town of Roe Island and a shareholder of Roe Island group, and some are employees of the Roe Island group. Public information indicates that, in 1992, Roe Island formed a fishery group. 2001, Dalian officially licensed Roe Island into a company limited. Roe Island Government funded the establishment of Roe Island Investment and Development Center, in addition Dalian, large consumption, small consumption of three village committees set up three economic development centers, the four collectively owned enterprisesRepresents the entire town people hold the company more than 99% shares. September 28, 2006, Roe Island was listed in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and became the first hundred yuan stock in China's agriculture, and the town government replaced more than 60% of the shares of 15,000 islander companies. At present, more than 10,000 residents in the town, each year can receive about 1500 yuan of equity income. The Islanders, who are shareholders, have little interest in the stock market, and they are only concerned with dividends at the middle and end of the year. A few days after the announcement, they still lived a quiet life. The media came to their knowledge that the group had lost this year. November 2, the town government convened two meetings, by the Roe Island Group management briefing and explain the reasons, the participants have NPC representatives, CPPCC members, residents and representatives of the various committees. In Roe Island local television "Island News", several residents interviewed said that any enterprise in the development process will encounter difficulties, not overcome the difficulties, and even the representative proposed to give up the dividend this year, to help the company tide over the difficulties. "We can't touch the sea." For some representatives of "high awareness", Li Li expressed a different view. Lily has no work unit and is a full-time housewife. She thinks Roe Island group does not bring her any other benefits except the annual dividend. Li said that the island seems to be very rich, the house is well built, but the recent years, the income of residents is not high, a little money before the house. Now the island's residents are relying on Roe Island group to eat, in Roe Island group work, in addition to dividends can also get a 2000 dollars or so wages, but not work there, it is difficult to find a way out. "Because the sea is a company, not an individual, we can't get into the ocean." "Every day around two o'clock in the afternoon, Li Li and the next door sister are wearing the same style scarf, carrying the same bucket and shovel came to the north shore of Roe Island Ganhai." Just then, a man in blue overalls in Roe Island was walking around with a wolf dog. When they met, Li Li smiled and joked about the fur of the wolf dog's hair, but she had some discomfort in her heart. "This is looking at us, do not let Ganhai, every day in this patrol, the south to check more stringent, not close." Li Li picks up some worthless seaweed on the shore, and has been brought to the shore by waves of shrimp, sea cucumber generally dare not to pick up. More than 20 dollars a pound of scallops for them is also a luxury, and rarely buy their own. "Fishermen should be relying on the sea to eat the sea, but this piece of the sea we can not touch, shareholders do not." Li Li looked down on Roe Island group's top brass, and she thought the top executives were enjoying a good stay in Dalian while the islanders were working for them. A staff wearing Roe island overalls also told reporters that the Roe Island dry. On other islands in Changhai County, individuals are allowed to contract and breed. Own contracted a sea of farming, income are many, catch up with the climate is also can make a lot of money. But on the island of Roe, it became a part-time job. Faced with the loss of 800 million yuan, 1.5 million acres of scallop failures questioned, the local government had a meeting to charge residents, to deal with the media some things can be said that some things cannot be said. But many Islanderssaid that he had never heard of the so-called "cold water regiment" and the false claims of the bottom sowing. In the November, it was the season of the Roe Island group, where more than 20 ships were operating at sea every day. Mussel was put in a white plastic basket with a basket full of mesh. The boat will send the seed to the end of the ship, the bottom of the boat to the bottom of the sea. After reaching the designated position, the worker dumped the shellfish in the plastic basket directly into the sea. A number of staff wearing Roe island overalls said that the seeds planted in the late 2011 were doped with stones and sand. Especially in the dark, Miao seed to the sea a pour, can not see clearly what is inside. Dalian Headquarters strict access control in addition to Roe Island town, 56 nautical miles away from the Roe Island group headquarters in this half a month is also busy to deal with investors and the media questioned. Roe Island Group is headquartered in Dalian East Haven Business Core Area Wanda Center of 26 to 28 floors, more than 4,000 square meters, 270 degrees Sea View Office work environment, also by the fog of the huge loss of 800 million shrouded. Enter Wanda Center, need to comply with strict registration system, lobby staff said Roe Island Group had ordered, take the elevator to reach 26 to 28 floors, also must swipe card to enter the office area. Some staff said the company was not allowed to talk about the matter. Although the Roe Island group is at the forefront, the most important thing for the sales department in the near future is "double 11" sales. There are a number of posters to prepare for the double 11 in their office area. During this half month, the sales department has been in overtime. Roe Island Chairman Wu Hougang has said that the establishment of the Internet as the core of the O2O consumer Service platform has become the focus of the company to build one of the three major platforms. This is also the first time Roe Island to participate in the electric business "Double 11" war. Roe Island Group since October 14 suspension, the original plan of November 3 recovery card. But to this day, there is still no sign of a duplicate. November 4 Roe Island received SSE issued the "on the Roe Island Group Co., Ltd. Inquiry letter," asked the company on the part of the bottom of the shrimp scallop large write-off and the preparation of the price of a review, and asked the relevant agencies to issue verification opinions on the above matters. The SFC also said on November 6 that it was verifying the Roe Island. But at present, the relevant units have no valuable information disclosure. Roe Island control of the sea near half of the mortgaged Roe Island group started dating back to the 1958, several generations struggled to the 2006 listing, which has also been good, known as the "Blue Sea." But looking back on the Roe Island's performance in recent years has slipped. In 2012, Roe Island realized its operating income of 2.617 billion yuan, a 10.92% decline compared with 2011. Net profit of only 117 million yuan, compared with 2011 net profit of 498 million yuan, fell 76.49% in a year. In 2013, the company's performance was also significantly lower than expected. 2013, the company realized operating income of 2.621 billion yuan, to achieve a net profit of 94.9428 million yuan, the year-on-year decline of 8.27%. Although the Roe Island has given the typhoon influence, the deepwater harvest and so on reason. But early research has suggested that its inventory of "expendable biological assets"Irrational changes and other anomalies. Some investors think their capital pressure, rely on bank mortgages and short-term financing coupons to ease the pressure of the capital chain. According to earnings from 2006 to 2014, the Roe Island group has a controlled area of maritime use that soared from 656,000 acres in 2006 to 3.6 million acres in 2013, according to the 2014 report, of which 1.78 million acres were used for mortgages, equivalent to nearly 50% of the area used for mortgage financing. In addition, in recent years, Roe Island also used short-term financing vouchers to finance. In 2010, 2012 and 2013, 4 times issued short-term financing vouchers, of which two times 500 million yuan, two 400 million yuan, a total of 1.8 billion yuan. This shows that bank mortgages and short-term vouchers provide funding for the business expansion and capital expenditures of Roe Island in recent years. But the high interest rates brought on by the huge bank mortgages and short-term Roe on the island also test the capital chain management of enterprises. 2013, the company's interest expense amounted to 74.1948 million yuan, 2014 years ago 6 months, the interest expense is 47.7987 million yuan. Interest payments accounted for 91.82% of the current operating profit in 2013, and 2014 figures reached 101.61%. In 2011, corporate interest payments accounted for only 5.37% of the current operating profit ratio. Judging from the debt situation of Roe Island, Roe Island is facing some financial pressure. Its 2014 quarterly bulletin showed that the total debt of Roe Island amounted to 3.799 billion yuan, including short-term loans of 2.68 billion yuan, long-term loans of 720 million yuan, and the company accounts for only 821 million money.
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