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Enabling Mobile "> 's Big Data and other new technologies are just adding to the threat vectors that threaten enterprise IT security," said RSA Executive Chairman Art Coviello , he was the keynote speaker at the 2013 RSA convention just closed.

Because it can be spread through devices and uploaded to the cloud, Coviello that 2012 is a year of breakthrough in Big data, showing that it has the potential to change people's daily lives.

To take advantage of the threats and opportunities posed by large data, he also announced the launch of a new version of authentication management technology (authentication Manager) on behalf of RSA Security, a technology designed to help businesses realize the economic value of large data intelligence.

"We need new ways to protect security," Coviello said. "It's not shameful to have data leaks, but it's not shameful that security technology will stagnate." ”

Although he recently helped some American companies succeed in fending off some of the attacks, Coviello does not see them as a new tool. He found it disturbing that we were moving from an invasive attack to a destructive attack in which a mobile device could affect an important architecture.

Face the Big Data security

Like IBM, Hewlett-Packard, RSA's focus on large data security evolves into combining enterprise search and knowledge management resources with security events and information management to detect network attacks or malicious employee actions.

Unfortunately, unlike criminals, the information that is shared between it vendors is limited, so that customers have a great distance to know about the threat.

This is where security personnel can work together, Coviello said. "It's better to raise the data quality and quantity of large data together," he said. "Intelligence-driven security is better if it has a smarter source." ”

The concept of large data security is a preset art analysis of a large number of data content that provides a better way to quickly find security problems.

Cooperation with Juniper

An important decision announced at the RSA Conference is cooperation with Juniper.

Two companies are planning to expand this technical collaboration to help customers detect and prevent advanced threats, and improve the security and availability of remote access for mobile users.

The expanded partnership includes the sharing of threat intelligence in the Juniper NX Junos Spotlight secure global attacker intelligence service and the RSA real-time threat intelligence transmission system, with a view to reducing the time IT security personnel identify, take over and respond to incidents.

Juniper NX also intends to embed RSA Mobile authentication technology into Juniper NX Junos Pulse SSL secure products so that users can secure user data and enhance the mobile user experience when they visit the company and cloud resources.

Coviello added, "The two most common requests we get from customers are improving information sharing and allowing users to deploy more security on mobile devices." This extended technical cooperation is beneficial to RSA and juniper to address these needs of customers and provides a platform for deeper and broader cooperation between the two sides. ”

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