Samsung S5 due to insufficient capacity or will not use flexible screen

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The most watched screen this year is the curved screen, which is likely to be a trend for next-generation digital devices. In October this year, Samsung Electronics was released with a curved-screen galaxy Round, so speculation about Samsung's next-generation flagship Galaxy S5 spread to the screen. Just one months ago, O2, a British telecoms operator, designed a 3D concept rendering for Galaxy S5, which we have shown that it rejects the plastic shells used in the previous Samsung models, and uses an aluminum border and a flexible display. The flexible display is also different from the round surface screen of the Galaxy S5, which can be bent for 30-degree ranges. It can be said that the idea is very tempting, the reality is very cruel. According to the industry's major media reports, because of insufficient capacity, Samsung Galaxy S5 is likely not to use the Youm curved display panel. "For Galaxy S5, which is coming out early next year, there is not enough capacity to flex the screen, so the flagship model will not use a curved screen," said Kim Jong-hyun, a Seoul Eugene Investment securities analyst from South Korea. Devices with curved screens will be released later next year with other names in the Galaxy series. "Coincidentally, Samsung has previously postponed its investment in A3 flexible organic light-emitting diode panels until early next year. At present, the company can complete 8,000 5.5 generation panels per month for smartphones to produce 500,000 flexible panels, production capacity reached 30%. With the A3 series of investments, capacity could grow to 1 million by the end of next year, according to people familiar with the situation who declined to be named. It is reported that Galaxy Round, equipped with an irreversible battery and a screen made of plastic and glass, is expected to sell only 50,000 units in South Korea. In addition, analysts expect Apple will not use a curved screen on iPhone6 because their only flexible screen suppliers, Samsungdisplay and LG, are in short supply. It is said that LG display can only handle 12000 pieces of 4.5 generation panels per month, but also less than Samsung's capacity. Shinhan Investment analyst John Seo said: "Apple next year using a curved screen is very difficult to achieve, but 2015 years is very likely to be adopted." "At the same time, another industry analyst said that because of the lower capacity of Japan Display, LG display is most likely to become the main flexible screen suppliers, followed by Samsung Display, from Chinese suppliers to purchase panels less likely." Industry insiders say: "Apple is a very difficult customer, it requires suppliers to disclose the cost and profit of every detail, Chinese companies simply can not stand, at least for now." "While Samsung and LG are concerned about the rapid march of Chinese companies into the LCD sector, the development of OLED technology in smartphones and televisions still seems to beSlow。 It is well known that Samsung and LG, the two big Korean giants, launched their own oversized OLED TVs early this year, but consumers are shutting them out because of their high prices. Eugene Investment Kim said: "Next year, Samsung and LG will focus on the Super High-definition TV, because it is estimated that OLED capacity problem can not be resolved." "It is undeniable that the current flexible curved screen has a huge future, but it is still in the development stage and is not obvious relative to the traditional screen advantages, so in the analysis, you want to try to bend the display at random digital enthusiasts, you need to wait for some time."
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