Sanlu incident "Funeral" Concussion: wholly-owned subsidiary Anrica filed for bankruptcy

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-This reporter Li Bing with sanlu bankruptcy and Wenhua, and other people's punishment, Sanlu incident has gradually faded out of the people's vision, around the noise of this event gradually attributed to silence. But recently, it has been reported that Sanlu Group's largest shareholder Shijiazhuang Dairy Co., Ltd. to Beijing, the second Intermediate People's Court Anrica Dairy (Beijing) Co., Ltd. bankruptcy.  Can be seen Sanlu incident "funeral" difficult.  June 29, the reporter repeatedly called Sanlu Group's largest shareholder, a senior executive telephone, but has been no answer. Anrica Application for bankruptcy reporter access to information shows that Anrica Dairy (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Andrew Jia Company) is Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to Sanlu Group) in Beijing set up a wholly-owned subsidiary, established in November 20, 2006, registered capital of 30 million yuan,  Company type is limited liability company (sole proprietorship), registration authority for the Beijing Municipal Administration of industry and commerce. It is understood that in February 2008, Anli and Shijiazhuang Dairy Co., Ltd. signed a loan agreement, the agreement agreed that Shijiazhuang Dairy Co., Ltd. to the Anli to provide 10 million yuan of liquidity loans, loan interest rate of 7.47%, the loan period of 1 years.  Shijiazhuang Dairy Co., Ltd. was paid to Anli company on February 20, 2008.  But in September 2008, Sanlu Group was ordered to stop production and sales because of suspected production and sale of counterfeit products, and the applicant Andrew Ka Company, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sanlu Group, was completely discontinued and closed.  February 10, 2009, Shijiazhuang City Intermediate People's Court declared Sanlu group bankruptcy. According to the audit report, as of December 31, 2008, the applicant Amway Company's total assets of 16.7358 million yuan, the total liabilities of 97.7459 million yuan, the asset-liability ratio of 584.05%, the owner's equity of 81.0101 million yuan.  At present, the loan agreement agreed to repay the time has been in the past few months, Anli is still in a state of business, and failed to meet the repayment obligations.  Now the applicant Shijiazhuang Dairy Co., Ltd. to Anli Jia Company can not pay due debt and has lost the solvency, according to the "People's Republic of China Bankruptcy law," to the Second China Institute to apply for security company bankruptcy.  Three Sanlu who is a big shareholder?  December 25, 2008, Hebei province Shijiazhuang Municipal Government held a press conference, Shijiazhuang Municipal People's government deputy secretary general, city government spokesman Wang Jianguo solemnly declared that Sanlu group into bankruptcy proceedings.  But bankruptcy does not mean the end of the Sanlu incident, but will be another long course of the beginning, many problems can not and should not be with the demise of Sanlu Group it, but also caused more new problems and thinking. March 4, Sanlu first batch of bankrupt assets auction end, finally, Beijing Sanyuan Group Limited liability company and Hebei Sanyuan Food Co., Ltd. of the joint auction body to 616.5 million yuan price auction success, to get Sanlu Group's core assets。  April 7 Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Co., Ltd. the second batch of bankrupt property April 7 in Hebei province Jia Hai Auction Co., Ltd. was auctioned, Hebei Belande Dairy Co., Ltd. and Shijiazhuang June le Bao Dairy Co., Ltd. was successfully repurchase the original three deer equity, Beijing Sanyuan Group did not participate in the bidding.  On the morning of April 13, Sanlu Group Bankruptcy property fourth batch of auction object in Hebei province Jia Hai Auction Co., Ltd. met with silence, no one to raise the brand auction, resulting in all the target stream.  And now Sanlu Group's core assets have been taken to the stock, then its major shareholders in Beijing branch after the bankruptcy, it is difficult to find someone to go to. It is reported that Sanlu Company's wholly owned subsidiary includes Shijiazhuang Sanlu Trading Co., Ltd., Shijiazhuang Sanlu Group Crown Kemao Co., Ltd., Anrica Dairy (Beijing) Co., Ltd.  Anli company due to register in Chaoyang District, Beijing, the second Chinese Institute for bankruptcy, the case is currently in bankruptcy review. Since the "melamine" milk powder incident, the voice called for judicial intervention has never ceased.  Since the beginning of the 2009, the aftermath of Sanlu case has been a procedural transition, from the initial "government-led" gradually into a judicial-oriented, a large number of bankruptcy and compensation cases have entered into the proceedings.  The second Chinese Academy said that it would seriously review the bankruptcy application and strive to give full play to the judicial guarantee function in the case, to achieve social stability and promote economic growth of good social effects.  Legal risk drags down Sanlu?  The lack of legal risk prevention system and the lack of legal risk prevention consciousness and system are the main reasons for the destruction of Sanlu. Summingde, a lawyer at Dacheng law firm in Beijing, said of the Sanlu incident. He said: "According to the current disclosure of the Sanlu incident information, you can see that Sanlu has received consumer complaints since December 2007, reflecting some infant and young children's food companies produced infant series of milk powder in the urine after the appearance of red sediments and other symptoms. But until May 17, 2008, Sanlu Group customer service department in writing to Wenhua, Wang Yuliang and other groups of leading members of the group to inform the relevant circumstances of such complaints. Just imagine, if Sanlu built a sound risk-prevention system, when the customer service department receives the complaint, it should report the information to the Risk prevention agency in time, and the Risk prevention Agency should identify and evaluate the information, make the relevant suggestion according to the result of the evaluation, and report the decision-making organ of the company. The decision-making organs of the Company shall take corresponding measures according to the suggestion of the Risk prevention organization. If Sanlu did this, it would minimize the risk. However, from December 2007 to 2008 of May 17, 5 months, Sanlu Group for this information is quite slow, missed the opportunity to save themselves and save others. ”
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