Sanya Plan electric Business + agriculture to promote the development of modern agriculture

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This newspaper Sanya March 30 (reporter Cheng correspondent Lin Zhimo) under the new normal economy, how to plan the integration and development of agriculture and other industries, to achieve agricultural transformation and upgrading? Reporter today from the Sanya Rural Economic work conference learned that the city this year to build electric platform, storage base, distribution center, etc., to promote the development of modern agriculture.

It is understood that Sanya this year will focus on agriculture and tourism, information industry and other integration, to promote agricultural "incremental quality."
Sanya Agriculture Bureau relevant responsible person says, this year, the city will take the tropical characteristics of agriculture as the carrier, vigorously develop tourism, experience, food, science and other leisure and entertainment projects, and strive to add a national five-star leisure agriculture and rural Tourism Demonstration Park, a provincial leisure agricultural demonstration sites, such as 5 characteristics of sightseeing picking agricultural base, The development of red sand and Hou Hai Leisure fishery project, cultivate ornamental fish and pearl identification market.
The integration of agriculture and information industry is a direction of Sanya this year's charge. Last year, Sanya agricultural cooperatives, leading enterprises have built more than 10 electric business platform, in the third party to open 50 shops, especially the Sanya Sea-source Technology Co., Ltd. and Alibaba cooperation Taobao "Chinese characteristics • Hainan Pavilion" annual sales Tens 10 sellers, millions about 70.
Agricultural electronic commerce is inseparable from the development of logistics and storage industry. Sanya said that the city will give full play to the 20 foreign agricultural circulation offices in the composition of the marketing network, to "Winter fair" and other agricultural exhibitions as a platform, and actively organize agricultural enterprises to participate in all kinds of promotion, promotional activities, and further promote the advantages of agricultural products "go out." Vigorously improve the cold chain fresh-keeping logistics system, and strive to add more than 3000 tons of fruit and vegetables in the field of the winter, to speed up the beautiful spring fruits market, water Jiao Logistics Park and other projects, and strive to build the Phoenix airport around the Hainan area for the largest agricultural products distribution and brand incubation center.

(Article Source: Nanhai Net-Hainan daily)

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