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on June 9, Sogou search is a big trick , Formal The announces Sogou search receives the public number data. This is the first time since the open platform of micro-trust to achieve a full authoritative display. According to the introduction of Sogou, users in the search results page can browse to and query words related to the micro-letter public number and all articles.

And this change is not only for the micro-credit public number, in the future, all the functions of micro-letter may be affected by this, or even, mobile Internet will return to the search era, but, this time the protagonist will no longer be Baidu.

Trembling public number

When the public platform for Micro-trust was launched in 2012, it became a closed space immediately, and subscribers and subscription numbers form a closed loop, if the users of the non-subscription relationship is difficult to know the content of the subscription number, and when the micro-letter began to limit the number of micro-trust friends , so it is more public number of strong rebound.

However, now it seems that all of this is premeditated, and in the Sogou micro-letter search launched, even if it is not concerned about the subscription number of users, can also be searched on the Sogou keyword search to get the content they want to get. And in the current Sogou about micro-letter search Two keywords are: Full aggregation, retrieve subscriptions. In other words, micro-letters allow the public accounts to be sorted, and then the fragmented information is sorted.

From Sogou micro-letter Search page can be seen, the current user can search Sogou micro-letter to find more comprehensive related accounts and articles (which also includes historical articles), the current account ranking order from the authentication account to the non-certified account, the order of the search article is also from the certification account. The function of retrieving subscriptions is currently unique to the PC: Each search account is provided with a two-dimensional code to facilitate user subscriptions; From the mobile end, the author's name has been displayed as # after the opening of the article, which appears to be a hyperlink font that can jump to #, but it is still unable to jump.

Sogou micro-Letter search profit model is not known, but for search engines, the main income naturally from the bidding rankings and advertising. Sogou micro-letter search and micro-letter is independent of each other, but believe that the state of separation will not last for too long, the future of the search will be embedded in the system, will gain greater imagination.

Tencent's electric Business dream

Search and electricity business has a natural fit, in the introduction of micro-letter search not long ago, micro-letter has just launched a micro-trust system of the Regular Army: micro-letter store.

From the current introduction, micro-letter shop is based on micro-letter payment, merchants can through the public account in the form of micro-letter store sales of goods, to achieve including open shop, merchandise shelves, shelf management, customer relationship maintenance, rights and other functions. When users focus on a public account that has the function of a micro-credit store, they can see the goods sold in the category.

"After the opening of micro-letter store functions, businesses even without any technical development capabilities, can also open the electrical business model." "Micro-letter related to the person in charge, micro-letter store online," small white "merchants do not have the technical ability to classify goods, partition display, and some have the ability to develop the business, but also through the API interface, the development of their own shop system, through the relevant interface permissions more convenient management of commodity data and other content, To have more features.

After the opening of the public number, the next micro-letter most likely to open the search is the micro-letter store and Jingdong Mall, in this area, the imagination of the search space is greater.

Helpless microblogging

After the birth of the micro-letter store, Ali Weibo also announced the brewing of nearly half a year of micro-bo payment will be opened at the end of June, micro-bo payment is a micro-Bo and Alipay to create a common mobile payment products, businesses and users do not need to jump on the platform to complete payment transactions. In addition to businesses, Weibo individual users also allow the sale of micro-blogging, second-hand transactions.

But even with Ali's blessing, Sina Weibo's electric-business path will not be smoother than micro-mail. There are three reasons: first, microblogging active users as a micro-letter, from the earnings, as of the end of the first quarter of this year, micro-blog active users reached 143.8 million, micro-letter month active users of 396 million, and from the sensory Perception, micro-blog user activity compared to 2011, 2012 peak When there is a significant decline; Second, micro-Bo sell things obviously have been transferred to the micro-letter circle of friends, if you really want to use the resources of Ali directly to Taobao open shop; the third micro-Bo can use the marketing means, micro-letter may follow.

Moreover, Weibo as a social media platform, too much commercialization will eventually affect the credibility of the future development is tantamount to the golden goose.

In the micro-letter before the emergence of the author has put forward a micro-bo impact on the concept of Baidu, that is, if micro-Bo can provide high-quality information sources (mainly from the major websites, the public account of the media), site search can replace some of the functions of Baidu.

Obviously this thing is not done Weibo, and the micro-letter is doing. One of the most typical examples is the news clients of the major portals, each of which almost always promotes high-quality content to the public number of micro-letters, which means that the portal is open to micro-letter search or active.

Search back into the portal?

After just killing Microsoft's Little ice, the micro-letter launched its own search, which has to let people smell a hint of conspiracy theory.

May 29, Microsoft China released an artificial intelligent robot called "Microsoft Small Ice". "Small ice" can achieve two parts of the function: Chat and intelligent search. "Little Ice" will automatically find the relevant information from Bing Search in the form of chat feedback back. In fact, "ice" is actually another form of mobile search engine, Microsoft also said the "ice" behind the technology is from Bing search.

Obviously this triggered the micro-letter of the strong vigilance, will be mobile search the market for the son to let themselves do.

In the past two years, Tencent has established a complete life service system within the system through a lot of acquisitions and investments. In the PC era, Baidu through the search to connect all other sites, but on the mobile side, the app occupies a more important position, but does not mean that the search is not important, if you can generate enough information in a search engine and user stickiness, the future users will also pay attention to search in the Internet.

You can search on Baidu website, hotel, song, travel route ... All of your imagined scenes can now be implemented on a micro-letter, and more portable and convenient

In the next few years, the micro-letter will be back through the search to link the physical world, Sogou search the public number, just the first step.

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