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According to the Shanghai Second-hand Housing index office of the latest statistics yesterday, November 2009, Shanghai Second-hand Housing price index of 2,489 points, compared to October rose 18 points, the chain Rose 0.72%. The three-month-old index fell, rising by 0.24 percentage points in November.  Shanghai Second-hand Housing Index office, adjacent to the end of the year, the buyer and seller to meet the "preferential last Bus", have chosen to enter the market, second-hand housing prices also appeared in the overall rise. Non-central urban growth due to the "preferential last bus," the promotion of second-hand housing prices have risen overall. Among them, the non-central urban area rose more obvious, the trend of the city center is relatively docile, the proportion of the outer part of the ring rises. According to statistics, the city 18 districts and counties in 13 areas of uniform increase of 0.72%, a slight drop of only the Minhang plate. The whole city center area is in a smooth format. According to the data, 5 central districts rose by 0.56% in November, up 0.07% from October.  Xuhui, Changning, Huangpu rose Higher, respectively, 0.74%, 0.65% and 0.67%. Rail to the site around the popular non-central urban area by home buyers sought after. Baoshan Rose the city's highest, for 1.35%. The region's highest increase for the Tonghe plate, up 1.86%, due to the plate within the supply of new houses and high prices, buyers have turned to the second-hand market, which led to higher prices. With the December trial operation of rail transit line Line 7, including Luo shop, Gu, Da and Dahua and other plates to become beneficiaries.  Dahua Plate at present the new price compared to the beginning of the year's increase of about 70%, and second-hand secondary new house the highest price, has been touched more than 20,000 yuan per square metre. Chongming Housing Price Zisheng data also shows that early November, the Shanghai Disneyland Project once confirmed, directly benefit from the Sichuan sand plate, house prices rose nearly 40% in the short term, second-hand housing transaction prices also climbed rapidly.  A variety of positive factors, coupled with large-scale investment development, to the current market played a role, the Disney project adjacent areas of housing prices reproduce the "Chongming effect." Another popular concern is the "big Hongqiao" effect, due to the wide range of radiation Hongqiao area, changning, Minhang, Putuo and QINGPU, etc., have been promoted by the positive. such as Changning North New Jing Plate increase significantly, as the "big Hongqiao" the core area of development, house prices rose markedly, more than 40% per cent a year. At the same time, the Yangtze River Tunnel Bridge opened the favorable stimulation, Chongming house turnover price, second-hand housing prices in the general price of more than 8000 yuan per square meter, intervention shorter has broken through million.
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