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China Securities Regulatory Commission March 11 Evening announcement, the SFC board of the Commission to audit the 9th meeting 2011 review, Anshan Sen-far Road and Bridge Co., Ltd. and Qingdao Heng Shun Electric Co., Ltd. two companies were approved the first application. Anshan Sen Far Bridge Co., Ltd. is to issue 19 million shares, the total share capital after the issuance of 74.85 million shares. The company is mainly engaged in the new road maintenance machinery technology development and manufacturing, the main products include snow and cleaning equipment, large-scale asphalt pavement in situ recycling equipment and preventive maintenance equipment.  The company's 2008-2010 operating income of 81.4315 million yuan, 101 million yuan, 133 million yuan, the owner of the parent company's net profit is 18.5716 million yuan, 26.5117 million yuan, 38.0784 million yuan. Qingdao Electric Co., Ltd. intends to issue 17.5 million shares, the total share capital after the issuance of 70 million shares. The company's main business is high voltage reactive power compensation devices, filter devices and the core components of research and development, design, production and sales. The company's operating income in 2008-2010 is 103 million yuan, 142 million yuan and 182 million yuan respectively, the net profit is 14.8271 million yuan, 27.5123 million yuan and 41.2043 million yuan respectively.
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