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New Express News (in Shenzhen, trainee reporter Daixiaoxiao) yesterday, the reporter learned that the Shenzhen plan to distribute 15 million hundred phone cards, five days a total of more than 6 million people successfully applied. In order to celebrate the 30 anniversary of the establishment of the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, this month from 9th to 20th, the Shenzhen municipal government began to distribute the work (mobile phone text message application details of the September 10 A28 version).  The reporter learned that as of yesterday 17:42, more than 6 million people have applied.  Reminding a wrong message doesn't matter system comparable to correcting the citizen Chua and the journalist share her family's three-mouth application for the phone bill. Ms. Cai said yesterday her family of three people sat together rushes to study how to send SMS, the last 3 individuals "out", respectively, using their own mobile phone to send application messages.  In less than a minute, their mobile phone received a reply message from "106582533": "Thank you for your participation in the 30 anniversary of the SAR to the public to return mobile phone calls, your application message has been received."  "A family is enjoyable, especially warm, like the holidays," Ms. Cai said cheerfully. There are also citizens "Oolong" consecutive send the wrong message, "the first message was leaked ' # '; the second message was written with ' 5 '. Mr. Fang was very anxious to ask others: "Can you repeat it again?"  "In this respect, Shenzhen technology industry and Trade and Information Committee related to the director said that the public in the application, if accidentally sent the wrong personal information, can be in the application period to edit the text message sent, the background system in the comparison will be the error message. Reminder II information will be kept strictly confidential the public may be assured that because of the need to submit personal information such as the public ID card number, many people are concerned about the disclosure of personal information.  In this connection, the relevant responsible person made it clear that the personal information sent by the public is only used to verify that the public is not satisfied with the use of the feedback conditions, not on other occasions, the whole process of personal information to the public strictly confidential, please rest assured. Relevant responsible person to remind, apply for SMS platform number 3, mobile phone users to 106582533, China Telecom mobile phone users sent to 1065975500000, Chinese unicom mobile phone users send 106558108980, the Advisory channel for "12345" government public telephone.  In addition, please do not trust any text messages, emails and telephone forms of application notification. The deadline for sending text messages for mobile phone calls is 20th of this month, and overdue applications are deemed to be abandoned automatically. The phone number to receive the return call must be the Shenzhen local number. For the audit to meet the conditions of return calls, communications operators will be in October 21 before the return charge automatically recharge to the effective mobile phone number.
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