"Send the dust bomb to your enemy" from viral spread into nightmares.

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Mathew Carpenter has an evil business idea: All he needs is a website, some stationery and a bunch of gold dust, and the trick is to "send your enemy A powder bomb" (Ship Your Enemies Glitter). People can retaliate anonymously through it to the most annoying people. The boss, the annoying neighbour, the bad mate--repay, not even the possibility of a counterattack. Most people laugh about it with a beer, but this week, the real version of "Sending your enemy a powder bomb" has been the hottest electric dealer website in 2015 years. This product is too popular, spread virus, Carpenter said 24-hour order has a good thousands of, its creators are now very regret. Is it karma? No, the electric dealer is the culprit! This is the story of "Sending your enemy a powder bomb," which, after a short period of glory, creates a great deal of trouble. Carpenter is a 22-year-old entrepreneur, for many years, birthday or Christmas he received a family and friends to send a card filled with gold powder, which makes him very headache, gold glitter love, but also very difficult to clear, Carpenter said: "I want to let the whole world can feel my pain, So I started this website. "With just 9.99 AUD (about 8 dollars), Carpenter's" Send your enemy A powder bomb "can send a gold-dust-decorated letter to someone anywhere in the world. The website said, "We'll attach a note to tell the recipient exactly why they received this terrible gift." Note: The powder will be mixed with the note so that the dust can spread to the fullest extent possible. "Buyers can pay by PayPal." The E-commerce site was just online in Tuesday, and Ryan Hoover, the product Hunt website that recommended new technology products, found it, the "No limit for the products" This is his comment. The situation began to spiral and out of control, and the network was all over the service--it was too hard to wash! By noon, Carpenter said in his personal account, "Send your enemy A powder bomb" the company has 80,000 shares on Facebook, a friend replied: " You'll steal the music on the way to the post office. "Online opinion leaders are fanning the flames, making it harder for enemies to find out who did it." In 24 hours, "Send your enemy The dust bomb" has 3,900 Zane 1000 comments, the media also to join the fun, The Washington Post, Corporate Insider, Huffington Post, technology blog, The Verge and so on reported the matter. 8 hours later, remorse Carpenter on product hunt on the post said: "Netizens, I am the founder of this website, do not come to buy dust bombs, I really can't stand." "He can still breathe because the site has been maxed out more than once," he said. Carpenter Although young, but is not the first time to start a business, he did not go to college, directly open the publicDivision. His profile shows that he has created three companies, and his self-introduction to Twitter points to another company, Sofamoolah.com, which is "How to make use of the internet to get rich". He also wrote an ebook called "How to create a company, open up the market, give you a fun and profitable website", sold only 5 Australian dollars. Carpenter hasn't found much fun yet, but it should have made a big profit, and the gold bomb is a highly profitable project. This also gave him a profound lesson, the basic construction is very important, if it is a good project on the network Kickstarter, then have to use more brains. Carpenter an interview and answered some questions about him. Have you ever been locked in a closet in the art room by your parents? That's voluntary. "How do you finish all your orders and not get yourself covered in gold dust?" We wear an anti-dressing suit. Perhaps people think this is a joke, but I do not think so, this is a lonely business, for me, it is my whole, because "carpenter" is the crazy company's only investors. "It's hard to say why" Send your enemy a powder bomb. "The company will spread viral, as the Washington Post says, revenge with gold is not new. Gay people have used this trick, the socialite Kardashian also received a powder bomb. If you search Google for "sending your enemy dust", you can also find a website that sends high quality, moist horse dung to your annoying people. However, Carpenter and his website have certain qualities that appeal to the adults of childlike, who are bent on waiting for evil to be punished. "Gold bomb" let a person nodded, can humiliate enemies, and not to threaten life. The methods used on the site hit a psychological sensitive point, half of the puzzle, and half of the Junior MBA program, found a delicate balance between the generosity of the service and the Corporate manifesto. David Mame, director of the Mamet, said, gloating over the website, "my colleague flew into a rage when he opened the gold envelope. "(VIAFC, Translate | Fast carp, reprint please indicate source)
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