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Free time is an activity at the App Store's Apple Store, which is available free of charge to everyone for a certain period, and anyone with an itunes account can download and install the software. What are some of the most fun iphone games and apps today? Broad Bean Net Small series will share with you ~ Leisure and entertainment Games "big picture Card Building" "Big Picture Card construction" is an entertaining game, opened the new way of building blocks, can inspire children's creativity and curiosity. In the game, only through simple touch and unique control, they can command the work of architects, not only to build houses, castles, parks and other buildings, but also to carry out a variety of fantastic ideas of creation. (Details click) "Figure Card Building" game screenshot leisure strategy game fish balls fish pill, fish balls, is a lovely leisure strategy tour. Fish balls combine billiards-style physics and colorful graphics to test your thinking skills and challenge your friends with fun ways. (Details click) Your goal is to shoot as many fish balls as possible and eject. Each level gets progressively harder for the ball to become harder to break. With a careful purpose. The game ends if your ball bounces back across the line. "Fish Balls Ball" game screenshot of the race racing class game "Gallop muscle Car" "Gallop muscle Car" is a muscle car for the theme of the car racing game, the first free! The first thing to get into the game is to pick your chariot. In the game, you will be able to use 6 cars, you can according to their own preferences, for them to add a variety of personalized devices: body color, exhaust pipe, wheel, etc., the freedom to decorate the chariot is still quite high. (Details click) "Gallop Muscle Car" game screenshots casual shooting game "Rusty Rooster" "Rusty Rooster" is a novel model of the aircraft, commanding the Flying Rooster, let the flames from behind the butt shot down enemy aircraft. The protagonist in the game is a fighter in the rooster! (Details click) game a total of 16 checkpoints, each off is three keys, a certain number of keys can unlock the next game level, get the key will reward the stars, that is, the game in the currency, you can upgrade the speed of the rooster, flame size, fuel storage, economic and energy saving and storage and so on. The game also has a corresponding IAP, but small part of the play, found that the game itself to bring your star is quite enough, no need to buy IAP can also normal game. It also supports two modes of touch screen and operation Lever. "Rusty Rooster" game screenshot Puzzle Elimination Game "Pirate Paradise full Version" "Pirate Paradise Full Version" is a big fish produced a elimination unlock game. A game similar to a slot machine. Game for the first time, this big fish do not let go ah, students hurriedly collect nets fishing! (Details click) The game uses the pirate theme, the screen is full of pirates of the Caribbean wind, yellowing of the paper roll, deep red wax printing times have texture. Players in the game need to play pirates to snatch slots, unlock the chest, and win 80 free games. A lot of pirates were scattered on the sea of luck.Coins, use these coins to open the carousel of the treasure, the parrot symbol will help the player to get more rewards, and the skull-head logo determines the fate. "Pirate Paradise full Version" game screenshot
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