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August 28 afternoon, by 12 from Microsoft, Google, EMC and other internationally renowned enterprises of High-tech talent "overseas doctoral group" visit Cloud base, to conduct visits and exchanges. City Sheng Shangwei Deputy Director, the Development Zone Overseas Scholar Center Yang Jiwu Director, the Development Zone Industry Promotion Bureau Bong SU Deputy Director, the Development Zone Management Office Huang Deputy director and so on to accompany to visit cloud base, the Cloud base Chairman Assistant Li Jingmei presided over the host expert to visit the cloud base and the Symposium Exchange.

In the "Overseas doctoral team" to visit the two-storey exhibition hall, Tian Yun technology expert Wei did a full range of explanations, experts and leaders of the cloud base to build the entire "> Cloud computing industry chain shows a strong interest, and for the server computing storage capacity, cloud terminal load capacity, cloud operating system, product market demand, applications and other aspects of the interactive question-and-answer communication Wei. As members of the visiting doctoral group are experts in the industry, the interactive communication seems to be particularly full and intense.

In the symposium, Li represented the cloud base to welcome the visiting experts and leaders, and introduced the development history, current situation, operation and business model of the cloud base. Subsequently, the City Sheng Shangwei deputy director made a brief speech, he said that the event by the Beijing Zhongwen Deputy mayor of the concern and support, cloud base can be said to be China's cloud base, so cloud base has also become the visit of the important place, and hope that through this event to build a channel of communication, Convenient to point to point of efficient communication.

EMC Chief System Integration Engineer Wu Ling, speaking as a PhD delegation, said the visit left a deep impression that domestic cloud computing was growing at a faster pace than imagined. After that, your experts and leaders in the cloud security, data center energy consumption, location, data security and other issues to do in-depth, Multi-angle interactive communication. Google (Google) company headquarters Greater China Development Technology Promotion director Shang to Cloud base of Shanghai Pudong Software Park for college students to provide bags to stay in the case and service model expressed high recognition, and hope to have further exchanges and cooperation opportunities. Several overseas experts have made further communication and understanding of the services and preferential policies offered by the development zone and cloud base for entrepreneurs.

The Yang JIWU director of the Development Zone Overseas Scholar Center has explained the preferential policies provided by the development zone in detail, such as "thousand People Plan", "one minus two free", financial support, rent concessions, housing subsidies and so on, and said that as long as with technology and knowledge to achieve industrialization, you can enjoy the above preferential policies.

Cloud base Li said, the hometown of Clouds is cloud, is auspicious clouds, hope and welcome returned to hometown experts to develop entrepreneurial development, to promote the development of China's cloud computing industry to contribute a force.

The event is according to the state Sheng Notice, in order to carry out the "National Overseas Chinese Affairs Development Outline (2011-1015)" and the National Overseas Chinese Affairs working conference spirit, vigorously implements "the overseas talented person for the country service Plan" and organizes the three days "overseas talented person to serve the country-cloud computing expert reconnaissance mission" to the Beijing Research exchange activity, As a pioneer in the development of cloud computing industry in Beijing and even China, cloud base has become a visiting place for overseas doctoral groups. "Overseas Doctoral group" all members said that visits to the cloud base of the exchange of a huge harvest, hoping to have the opportunity to return to business or cooperation with the cloud base. City Sheng Shangwei deputy director of the cloud base reception expressed great satisfaction and thanks.

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