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Abstract: Internet thinking should be a more pluralistic concept, involving different aspects, different people use this concept may have different emphases. As I know it should include such a few elements: 1. Rapid iteration, User participation. By continually iterating the

Internet thinking should be a more pluralistic concept, involving different aspects, and different people may have different emphases when using the concept. As I know, there are a few elements to be included:

1. Rapid iteration, User participation. By constantly iterating to make the product more perfect, rather than the pursuit of a one-time to make a perfect product. Also, user feedback will be part of the design decision.

2. Decision making based on mass data analysis. A great convenience of Internet products is the real-time access to a large number of user behavior data, based on this data can be used to make product decisions. AB test can also be used to proactively compare different design schemes. Google is the law guru.

3. Viral marketing, Prairie. The use of the Internet's transmission characteristics, to promote the product in the social network, social media infiltration, and through the creation of sensational events, controversial topics such as (see Eagle, Luo), to achieve a wide range of viral transmission, and even to the tipping point. This is a kind of marketing method without the profit.

4. Small and beautiful, less is more. The Internet product usually does not pursue all-inclusive, but grasps the user some pain point or the value point, pointedly makes the positioning clear product. Try to be as simple and clear as possible, even if you want to be big and complex. Try to be as simple and easy to experience as possible, even make "interface disappear", only by instinct and intuitive operation (such as "Shake").

5. Free strategy, Platform war. Most Internet products do not directly charge users, but use the free strategy to strive for users, locking users. And, at the same time, is committed to make IM, search engine, browser, anti-virus software from special products into platform products, with a large user base, promote and sell other services.

6. Vermicelli economy, grass-roots brand. Cultivate and seduce dead loyal users, enlarge the size of fans, build a fan culture and even build a discourse system. At the same time, the brand must be injected into the grassroots gene, lower posture, please even tease fans, maintain high-frequency, all-round interaction, more successful Internet brands including Millet, Luo thought, Liang Huan, etc.

7. Inspire the user to create, self-organization constructs the network ecology. So that users also become part of the product, inspire users to create, generate High-value content, users in the creation of the organization, spontaneous formation of multi-level, diverse network units, so that the Internet product expansion into a complex ecosystem (the most typical such as watercress), its own prosperity and growth.

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