Severe procrastination of tyranny: Carrot To-Do

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"Carrotto-do" and we previously recommended "Carrotalarm" belong to a developer, so the common ground between the two you should be very clear, "Carrotalarm" is a personalized alarm clock, then "carrotto-do" is a personalized todo application. You will be curious about what this has to do with radish, carrot the meaning of the word radish, but also from the donkey and radish story, representing hanging in front of the donkey radish, meaning that the reward can not be cashed. Is it a little sinister? "Carrotto-do" The purpose is to use a variety of "benefits" to lure us to do a good job every day to do things, on time to complete the words can be rewarded, if not completed on time, waiting for it to become a nagging aunt. Software interface design similar to the "", go simple style, the operation is mainly using the left and right sliding mode to operate, simple and easy to use. Slide down the main interface to add a to-do item, slide the directory menu to the left, and delete the item to the right (complete). "Carrotto-do" with rewards and punishments mechanism, when you finish the task on time will receive rewards, including points, badges, smiley face and some locking features. Like playing the blame upgrade game, the better the task is done, the more rewards will be awarded, then the software's function and taste will gradually increase. When the application sound is turned on, "carrotto-do" will talk to you with a neurotic female voice and chatter when she doesn't finish the task on time, and it will even share the scandal with Twitter, embarrass you in front of your friends and, of course, not get any more features. If you disappoint her for a long time, the app will be very smelly in the future, and your credit in front of her is gone. "Carrotto-do" in the memo and to-do functions and most simple to-do application no difference, function can only be regarded as simple, but its bright spot is the personification of the reminder mechanism and the reward and punishment mechanism, this form may allow you to pay more attention to their own set up the to-do matters Instead of doing it. Feel that they are always unable to do things according to plan, or have severe procrastination of children, may wish to try "carrotto-do".
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