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"Mobile China Software" 2014 Brazil World Cup is in full swing, for domestic fans, this is a happy and sad 30 days. It is a happy day to see the world's top-level football games, and the sad thing is that the biological clock will change. With friends in the middle of the night drinking beer eating kebabs sitting in the stalls of the big stalls to watch the game is what every fan wants, but for the daily routine of the office workers, the nightly scenes of the party is obviously impossible, and this time, the social app plays a very important role. A screenshot of the Micro-trust friends Circle, it's obviously not realistic to see the ball with friends every night, so this time we can only choose to stay at home and watch the game live on TV, which means that we have to connect with the outside world, only through the online way, even if it is a mobile phone, live on the Internet or a social app. The social app was built to make the world a better place, but gradually it turned into a check-in tool, meaning what I was doing at the moment was another use of social apps. Micro-letter Friend Circle screenshot from the author's micro-letter Friends Circle screenshot, many of the late night to see the ball friends will send a even more dynamic at that time to show that I was watching the ball, and even some friends who do not often use social apps will choose to release some of their own views during the game. It can be said that, in addition to chatting, the other purpose of the social app is to interact, the effect of this World Cup has been highlighted, I believe that all of you in the circle of friends will have such a World Cup brush screen, is not it?
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