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"The Honorable Member, kisses the Kangaroo xx shop April 7 to suspend business, hoped everybody is well-known!"   April 6 night, Shenyang nearly thousands of "kiss kangaroo" Early Education Center XX Shop members of the parents have received such a mass text message. On the morning of April 7, a shopping center opened, dozens of members of the parents rushed to the 6 floor of the "Kiss Kangaroo" Early education Center, the results found there is "general" door, there is no staff.  And the mall posted the "emergency Inform", so that parents have only a glimmer of hope is also completely shattered ... Situation: "The noble early teach" class has not been completed on the closure according to the parents introduced, the mall's "Kiss Kangaroo Early Education center" has been set up for several years, due to open in the Shenyang more upscale shopping malls, and "tuition" is much higher than other early education center, there has been the children of Shenyang, the parents as a "noble early teaching." It is precisely because the "tuition fee" is higher, many parents think that the education there should be more formal, so the number of parents enrolled has been many. According to the introduction, where an early class tuition fees are around 100 yuan, membership card prices because of the number of courses from thousands of to tens of thousands of dollars. Most of the members of the day are spent more than 8,000 yuan for membership card, a total of 100 classes. A mother angrily said: "I was last November membership card, there are more than 80 classes did not!" They are also engaged in education, why not for our children to think about? How can you say run?  "The mother also held a membership card, said that her membership card number has been more than 1000th, so she suspected that the loss of the members should be in the thousand people."  Parents said, April 6 around 19 o'clock, they have received a mass message, told them that the early education Center April 7, they are specifically to verify the day, the results found that the early education center was closed shut down. Notice: The mall said and its only "leasing relationship" in the "Kiss Kangaroo" early education center doorway, through the glass window can see that most of the furniture, toys are still in, but the door was 2 locks, there is no one staff. Prominent position at the door, there is a shopping center posted a "emergency Inform", the contents are as follows: "Dear Members: Because of ' Kiss Kangaroo Early Education center ' mismanagement, now closed." Division I and the brand only for the leasing relationship, although after many efforts, but still can not contact the store's director Hou XX. This matter brings you the inconvenience and caused the loss, we deeply apologize, please forgive! "Parents said that after a woman in the mall's planning department, surnamed Wu, said in an interview with the television media," Kiss Kangaroo Early Education Center "has defaulted on the shopping center for several months of rent. Parents are very confused about this. A parent said: "We are relieved to the tens of thousands of dollars to the early education Center, the first is to fancy they opened in such high-end shopping malls." "Another parent pointed out:" Since the store has defaulted on the rent for a few months, the mall did not inform us in advance, in that case, we can have a preparation, also not to lose so much ah! "Survey: Beijing headquarters said its violation has been released from the contract reporters through the network, found that" Kiss Kangaroo "brand in the domestic general agent Dong Education Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Beijing elite Company) on November 6, 2009, published a" Kiss Kangaroo Shenyang XX Center was officially banned "the release notice 》。 In the bulletin, Beijing elite company said that "Kiss Kangaroo Shenyang xx Shop" in the operation of the process of a number of violations, violations.  and declare: to terminate the contract relationship with Shenyang Hou xx, "Kiss kangaroo Shenyang xx shop" no longer use "Kindyroo" and "Babyroo" "Kiss Kangaroo" brand and related text, course pictures, equipment pictures and other marketing activities and operating behavior. On the afternoon of April 7, the reporter contacted Beijing elite Company by telephone. The company's customer service staff said that as early as in 2009, the head office found "kiss Kangaroo Shenyang xx Shop" There are irregularities, and therefore has its termination. But after the termination, the other party is still infringing the use of "Kiss Kangaroo" trademark, Beijing headquarters has resorted to law.  At present, they are also looking for "Kiss Kangaroo Shenyang xx shop" in charge, and ready to pursue his legal responsibility. Treatment: The parents will jointly report the rights of the police in the Early education center doorway, there have been parents calculated a lump sum account.  If the victims of the number of parents members of about 1000, and the average loss of members in accordance with 4000 yuan, then the "Kiss Kangaroo xx Shop" Suddenly "evaporate" to the members of the loss will reach about 4 million yuan. Although the 4 million yuan calculation is not rigorous, but parents think that the head of the Early education center has been suspected of fraud, and a huge amount. Therefore, in the absence of a way to contact the head of the Early education center, parents decided to call 110 alarm. Soon, Shenhe Public Security Bureau Zhu Shear Furnace police officers will be rushed to the scene. Understand the actual situation, the police told all member parents, if you want to report, you can directly to the police station to do a report registration.  The scene of the parents said will go to the police station, they also hope that the media can send this message to other uninformed members, let them also to the police station to report, registration, and then we jointly rights. In the evening, the reporter made contact with a teacher in the early education center using the telephone provided by parents. The teacher, who did not want to be named, said the employees had no prior knowledge of the closure and that the early education center owed them a portion of their wages, and they were also looking for ways to safeguard their rights.  Subsequently, the reporter repeatedly called the teacher to provide the early education center in charge of the telephone, but the telephone is still unable to connect. At present, the police are investigating the case.
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