Shenzhou Thai Yue 55 million acquisition of mobile phone animation company

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The one-month suspension of the Shenzhou Thai Yue (300002, the former closing price of 19.34 Yuan) announced today, plans to exceed the fund-raising capital of 55 million yuan to buy Xuzhou excellent peak, Beijing Pan-Asia-Pacific and other holding of the vast China 100% shares. The acquisition program shows that Guang-Tong Shenzhou was founded in June 2005, with a registered capital of 25.88 million yuan, the main business for the domestic mobile Internet operators to provide mobile Internet and wireless value-added technology services. As of April 30 this year, the net net profit of the Shenzhou 18.3866 million yuan, last year was 6.75 million yuan, net profit loss of 5.45 million yuan this year, operating activities cash flow net amount of 5.45 million yuan. The purchase price of 55 million yuan, compared to its net asset premium of about 200%. For such a profit level of the general enterprise, why the Shenzhou Tai Yue is willing to premium twice times the acquisition? In the announcement, the company said that in China Mobile mobile phone animation, Wireless city, the quality of the Internet and other areas have a wealth of successful cases and successful product line, is China Mobile mobile phone animation business and wireless city Business core partners. After the acquisition is completed, it is advantageous to expand the coverage of the company's Internet operation support business, and to enhance the industry competitiveness in the field of Internet operation support. It is understood that Guang-tong China Mobile phone animation Business is the main supporting manufacturers, to participate in supporting China Mobile Internet base Mobilemarket animation related business, China Mobile mobile phone animation base. In this way, the Shenzhou Tai Yue will intervene in China Mobile mobile phone animation business after the acquisition is completed. It is noteworthy that the Shenzhou Tai Yue previously main business with China Mobile flying letter-related, long-term dependence on China mobile revenue. July 11, the Shenzhou Thai Yue announced the suspension, said it is planning major assets reorganization matters. At that time, the market was once rumored that the company is the acquisition of hand-travel assets, the acquisition of the target is the hand-travel research and development company Shell Software, the acquisition price of 600 million ~8 billion, in this, the company has not issued an announcement of the takeover response. However, the daily economic news reporter in the investor relations Interactive platform, found that in July, a lot of investors asked restructuring matters, of which "browse user 1937" Asked whether the acquisition of the game company is the main business of Hand tour, the Shenzhou Tai Yue has been recognized. At the same time, China Tai Yue on the interactive platform, said, "The game is the company's Internet business strategy in the part of the merger and reorganization, is based on the development of the company's internet business sector, the project through the acquisition of game companies, on the one hand, improve the size of the game business, On the other hand also conducive to the company's overseas internet operation of the cooperative development. "Does the company's response on the investor Relations platform indicate that the reorganization involves a hand-travel takeover and that the takeover is related to restructuring?" The reporter called the Shenzhou Thai Yue Dong Huang, but its phone has been unanswered.
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