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After the year of the RAM, China's real estate, taxation, industry and commerce and other areas of the new deal will be intensive implementation, to help the healthy development of the economy, reform and further promote the people to bring more favorable.

Real estate needs to be registered uniformly

The provisional regulations on real Estate registration will be formally implemented on March 1, 2015, and the real estate registration has been wandering for more than seven years.

Under the Ordinance, Land, sea and houses, trees and other objects are immovable property. The subject, source, time limit and change of right of real estate should be recorded in the real estate register. The right person and the interested person may inquire and reproduce the real estate registration data according to law.

China's Ministry of Land and Resources, said that the implementation of the regulations is difficult, we must seize the implementation of real estate unified registration rules, as soon as possible to promulgate the use of a uniform book certificate, at the same time start the real estate Unified registration information platform construction.

Gu, deputy director of China Housing Policy Expert committee, said that for the real estate market, the biggest impact of real estate registration in decades to "find the home", can greatly improve the real estate and other macro-policy targeted.

In addition, analysts believe that the registration of real estate will also be the introduction of real estate tax and even "housing anti-corruption" lay the foundation for the implementation of the law of property rights, land management law, the "small property room" to crack the problem will also form a pressure.

Shop overdue return will be fined

According to the State administration of industry and commerce, "violations of consumer rights and interests of the punishment measures" will be implemented on March 15, 2015.

"Method" on the network shopping and other off-site shopping has been standardized. Under the new rules, use of network, television, telephone, mail-order and other means of sale of goods operators, if received a consumer return request 15 days after the return formalities, or to consumers have unpacked, check the impact of goods in good condition by refusing to return, as a deliberate delay or unreasonable refusal, will be punished according to law.

Protecting consumer personal information from leaks is also a bright spot in the approach. 2014 China ranked first hotel ticket reservation website "Ctrip" has violated the illegal storage and disclosure of User ID number, bank card number and payment password key personal information, once caused popular panic.

The approach provides that, without the consent of the consumer, the operator cannot collect, use and disclose to others, sell or provide his or her ID number, income and property status, consumption, etc. personal information, nor to send commercial information to consumers.

In addition, according to the "measures", the false "clearance price" "Sale price" "The lowest price" "Preferential price" sales of goods or services, on-site description and demonstration of fraud or misleading, but also to bear the corresponding legal responsibility.

The net name can not be "wayward"

March 1, "Internet user account name management rules" will be formally implemented, micro-BO, micro-letter, QQ, forum and other accounts will be zoned 9 "bottom line."

State Network Office Mobile network management Director Xu Feng revealed that the current Chinese account chaos is increasingly prominent, some fake celebrities, including foreign heads, such as "Putin", "Obama", as well as netizens from the name of "CCDI Patrol Group", "the pattern is full of rage".

According to the rules, netizens in the Internet Information Services registered to use all the account names to comply with 9 rules, including not to violate the Constitution and legal provisions, not to endanger national security, divulging state secrets, subversion of state power, undermine national unity, not to incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination, undermining national unity; Gambling, violence, homicide, etc. In case of violation, the account number will be corrected and suspended until cancelled.

Peng, deputy director of the National network, said the action of a goal is "to see the name of other people surfing the internet, is not disgusting, not disorderly, is comfortable", so that more clear network space.

Go to Hainan shopping more affordable

Starting from March 20 this year, the new island duty-free shopping policy will make it more affordable for tourists to go shopping in Hainan.

According to the Ministry of Finance's announcement, Hainan outlying islands duty-free goods spread again, the new retail packaging infant formula, coffee, home air purifier, such as 17 kinds of consumer goods. Jewelry, watches, perfume, cosmetics and other 10 kinds of hot-selling commodities, the number of single shopping restrictions also significantly relaxed. The official plan is to improve Hainan's attractiveness to tourists and speed up the construction of its international tourist island.

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