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Should Sohu since the media invitation, visited the Guangzhou auto Show on 21st. In fact, I have been robbing the car with my wife, want to add a car plan for a long time. As an observational researcher in the TMT business, a simple car may feel old-fashioned, my personal emphasis on the so-called "Smart car", that is, some very cool and some of the fun nature of the control system-the current level of development, in fact, the Smart car is still in the "Car Computer", "Touch Mode" To make some changes, I hope to see the real Smart car, I also know that the possibility is not.

Real Smart cars, in fact, are intelligent mobile robots, the need for integrated PC, Internet, IoT, artificial intelligence and other high-end technology. Some brands that are famous for their smart cars are more integrated with mobile phones. For example, this is the "Wisdom Chuan Qi" system, the system is through the mobile phone terminal to achieve remote control start and stop the engine, air-conditioning, remote search vehicle positioning, to achieve collision automatic help, etc.-this is part of the mobile phone to control the routine of the car.

Using another device, such as a cell phone, to manipulate the car, it's just a smart patch for the car. A real Smart car is itself intelligent. The other side of the ocean is Tesla in the effort, but in some senior automotive industry, in the eyes of pure technology, Tesla intelligence is very shallow. For example, Ford and IBM, Google and other major technology companies to try new cooperation, including the opening of the vehicle system source code, and mobile phone manufacturers to explore slot feeder plans and so on. The idea and core of this approach is that there are enough devices (cars) to provide a range of services around the device-just like mobile phones, Nokia's high-end mobile phone Vertu would have expected to gather a bunch of high-end people to provide services to third parties, and eventually Vertu be sold by Nokia, Because it sells too little. The problem with Tesla is that this car is really not enough, considering its high-end positioning, presumably not much of the future.

One of my friends in application development is more inclined to cooperate with the third party company to open the vehicle system source code. For developers, it makes it easier to apply access, and it is the consumer's business to use what equipment to manipulate the car. Now smart watches, smart glasses are becoming a fiery concept, is not there more smart hardware will join? Consumers really do not necessarily use their mobile phones to control their cars in the future.

A car maker who has been in the smart car for many years is GM, and while it has come to the brink of bankruptcy, it has not stopped investing in technology. The OnStar system has been in its 18th generation, a remote service system that integrates automotive computer control technology, wireless communications technology and global positioning technology, and some think it may be the biggest car data center of the moment. A simple application scenario for a remote service system: When your car keys are accidentally pulled in, you can call OnStar to help you open the doors remotely after verifying your identity. Another application scenario appears to be more useful, and when your car fails, OnStar can give accurate information to the mobile maintenance station after the remote diagnosis and dispatch the corresponding maintenance personnel and equipment according to the specific fault situation. OnStar in the accident treatment also has a good idea, the car four weeks (front and rear bumper, door, car top), are equipped with collision induction equipment, once the collision, in the driver have no telephone alarm (sometimes the driver himself have been unable to call the police), The center of the OnStar knew that the car had been in an accident and was positioned to the scene of the accident according to the global satellite system. As for anti-theft, think of now even the iphone can "find my phone" This function, a car stolen to find it is very easy. However, unfortunately, OnStar propaganda is problematic, most people's understanding of OnStar, just stay in the "remote voice navigation." I was at the general booth at the Auto show for a while, and I didn't see GM taking this as a very important selling point.

Another smart car as a selling point is Geely, the domestic brand, it has cooperated with China Unicom, launched a 3G "Smart car", driving people can be in the car online, accept mail and other business activities, can also watch live television, on-demand movies and TV dramas, listening to music, In particular, through the Global Positioning System and wireless communications technology, car owners can provide "online video services", "Emergency Rescue", "security" and other service functions. The same and China Unicom cooperation, I also found in Changan Booth, Chang ' an CX30 played "intelligence can home sedan," the slogan, this car is also a hybrid-powered car. However, I must confess that, whether it is Geely or Changan, the design sense is poor, even if the car's requirements are not too high, but it is difficult to accept.

With the help of Dad to go where a thunder of the Infiniti, I to its television in the main model (7 SUV) have no demand, but the Q50 has been interested. Its touch dual-screen touch system, with a sense of intelligence and sci-fi, also supports voice manipulation, integrating messaging applications and social applications (such as Twitter for everyone). I later also specifically check its offer, roughly belong to the grade B car, can be considered and accepted.

The main play of the auto Show is not "intelligent", although can occasionally see some of the shadow of intelligence, big-name manufacturers rarely as a promotional selling point, but also some low-end car dealers in the concept of tinkering. An important indicator of automotive intelligence is modularity, the ideal Smart car can easily replace some parts, like the computer in the same hot plug. Will there be such a car for the next auto show? There is some anticipation.

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