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According to the U.S. media reports, Carlos Bueno, a senior engineer at MemSQ recently wrote "Lauren Ipsum", a children's novel about computer science and critical thinking.) According to the article, Silicon Valley Cultural problems, the need to completely subvert their own culture. The following is the main content of the article

Silicon Valley culture and the imitation of the sub-culture of Silicon Valley are problems, weaving people's identity and establish a sense of self-worth as a design flaw. Influential people or other very clever people die to refuse to admit it. But I think this loophole really exists and should be fixed before it gets worse.

Today's social diploma is very important to see if I am not. I am a programmer, and I'm good at that. I have worked for many companies, some have been acquired, and one has gone public. I have also started a number of companies, and received hundreds of interviews. I wrote acclaimed books and was often invited to speak and be recognized by the White House. I designed novel ways to optimize computer clusters, which often cost billions of dollars. Almost certainly, you also use the program I wrote.

But if I am looking for a job now, my resume may be thrown away at the time of the primary election. Twenty years ago, I attended a dropout plan while in high school, allowing me to take only half a day. Every afternoon I go to a start-up company. The early 90s of last century is a crazy era, as long as we know that HTML even a fool can find a job, I was one of them. It does not matter if I have neither a high school diploma nor a driver's license. They let me try, I seize the opportunity.

Since then, the overall quality of programming and professionalism continue to improve, this is a good thing, not the problem. But the problem is that Silicon Valley has completely gone to the other extreme. We have created a hypocritical and objective elite trend, a kind of pseudo-science mythology. In fact, the real idea is that only people who behave like us are noteworthy. After pretending to abandon the old business rules, the new law I created is still a change of mind.

Someone even said: "It's totally wrong to think that diversity in an early team is important or good, and you should try to make the early team as simple as possible." This person is the creator of PayPal Max Maxwell Levchin). He tells such a myth to young people who hope to succeed as him. In fact, his thinking is more subtle than what he says, but exquisiteness and reflection are not common features of young people who want to make a fortune in a short period of time. The encouragement of building wealthy heroes has even led to a narrower mind.

Due to the shortage of talent market, this narrowness poses problems and makes it difficult to find the right people. Stanford graduates can receive invitations from companies because businesses do not have time to train people. On the other hand, many seemingly good job seekers are eliminated from the interview because they have made insignificant mistakes that do not fit all aspects of "cultural requirements."

The solution, of course, is not self-examination or asking questions about the values ​​and assumptions that shape the process. Instead, writing blog articles for "narrators" helps job seekers get a first-hand understanding of "the culture." There are even more examples of hiring difficulties and despair. For example, a girl went to work, was asked to drink coffee with the founders, dinner with the team and finally to the bar.

On the surface, there is nothing wrong with getting job seekers in a relaxed environment. But think about some people may not like this pre-interview cultural adaptation. For example, people who do not drink alcohol. Still others require that job seekers be different in their dress and behavior, as if to say, "Learning our culture is your responsibility." The same job seekers may learn the lesson the next time, but there is absolutely no need to consider such factors in the scientific decision-making process.

How to be successful in Silicon Valley

What I want to say is that you have a chance to join a start-up in Silicon Valley culture by following the seven principles below.

1, live in Silicon Valley, if you do not have, moved over.

2. We hope that your step will be "natural" to be consistent with us, which means that we have the flexibility to grasp the time.

3, do not wear too fancy, do not be too low key.

4, different, find ways to surprise us.

5, say something on our blog and integrate into the conversation.

6, we do not really want to talk to you, you need to find a friend in our social circle.

7, we are the objective elite crowd, strongly does not allow any negative hint.

How to change

To solve this problem, the first is to write down their unwritten rules so that all of us can take warnings. The word "privilege" literally means "private law," which is confidential, refuses to analyze and can not be analyzed, and is fully biased toward insiders.

The second is yours. Do not let other people reflect your point of view, but to make their own point of view. Try to remember the person who changed your opinion for the last time. Under the assumption that an industry is so dominated by whites and Asians under the age of 30, and they keep telling everyone to hire only their friends, this can be paradoxical. Imagine what a fair future should be and how to achieve this. (Wood Xiulin)

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