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Website is a very boring thing, especially in the site no traffic, no weight, after all, do not see the money without power? So what methods can make the weight of their site to improve the traffic? Today we will use a single page to optimize the long tail keyword to promote the weight of the site.

We also mentioned in front of the long tail keyword best in the site overall weight relatively high time to do. In fact, that is true, but our new station overall weight is very low, if you want to wait for the overall weight to optimize the long tail, it is nothing but a long wait. Sometimes we can do it in reverse, that is to optimize the overall weight of some high-quality single page promotion site. - -! Say some nonsense. OK we will be detailed to understand how to do a single page site to optimize the long tail keyword.

One, long tail keyword choice.

A good long tail keyword will bring us hundreds of IP this way, so really every keyword is suitable for our site? The answer is not too. Therefore, the choice of long tail words has become the first step to do, the first to choose according to their own web site to close the appropriate long tail keyword, because we do not choose the weight of a few popular long tail. For example, we do "net earn" the word, choose "How to make money on the internet," the long tail word is very irrational. Here are some tips for choosing a few long tail keywords

1. First we can search the search engine for our main words, there will be a batch of the bottom of the long tail we can choose among them.

2. The second, we can be very guilty of cheap to the opponent's thesaurus directly to find, very convenient right.

3. Think about some of what you usually search through search engines

4. Through webmaster tools, love stations, and other tools for long tail keyword mining

Second, high-quality content

A single page want to have a good ranking so high quality content is necessary, this is a cliché of a problem, we have a single page as the entire site to optimize that will have a good ranking. Like my more than 10-day blog, every article I write will be handy for him to add an outside chain. As for the external chain of resources how to find this piece, I think your competitor will tell you, the domain name of the team.

Three, single page title

A single page in addition to the quality of the content, the title is also very important to optimize a single page title best streamlined, short. The best combination is "long tail keyword + site name" Personally think about 20 words is about the same. One more thing to note is that the long tail keyword must be placed in the first place in the title.

Iv. Inner Chain

We have finished the content of the title, you should be from other related article pages to import some of the chain over, so that spiders crawling our single page. Certainly do not forget our original intention is what, remember in single page for own homepage to add the link, the best can format bold.

When optimizing a single page, the most important thing is to analyze the opponent's long Tail keyword library, opponents will teach us those outside the chain is worth doing, which is not worth doing. Of course this is about learning, not imitation. When our site has a large number of single page long tail keyword, then the weight will naturally improve.

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