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On June 25, "China's First Local E-commerce Conference", sponsored by China's leading electricity supplier system and service provider km network, was officially launched in Nanjing.

It is learned that the theme of this conference is "small circles and large electricity providers", which mainly summarizes and forecasts the current situation and future development trends of the local electricity supplier industry in China. In addition, at the conference, km net also released a grand new product "e life APP version" and "cloud sales" system, through these two products, business and personal entrepreneurs can easily seize the local life e-commerce that contains Ten thousand opportunities for the super market.

Zimmi speech CEO interpretation of the last kilometer of electricity supplier

As the largest industry event in the field of local e-commerce in China in 2014, the honored guests present at the conference were also prominent figures in the industry. Including CEO of Km Network Shi Zhengchuan, founder of United States and Australia Habitat Wu Bo (formerly Leader Net CEO), West Network CEO Guo Hongchi, eLong Travel Network COO Xie Zhen, SF CEO Li Dongqi, beard founder Liao Bin (former Intime Network CEO), fast taxi CEO Lv Chuanwei, buy buy tea CEO Ma Yufeng, DoNewsCEO Wang Le, an independent IT commentator Kobo (Keso), the famous Oracle expert Feng Taihui, five grid warehouse founder and chief fan officer Pan Dingguo, , Bangsheng Capital, founding partner and general manager 郜 翀 and so on.

The assembly site guests gathered

In addition, at the conference, Shih Chuan, CEO of KML, gave a briefing on his understanding and expectation of the local e-commerce industry around the theme of "the last kilometer of e-commerce."

Km net CEO Shi Chuan

Shizheng Chuan believes that local life should be presented as "online shop" for local physical stores. People pre-ordering goods online and then picking up goods at their convenience stores (or other physical stores) within one kilometer will not only save time and convenience Fast, but also from the merchant Amoy small benefits. This from online to offline, from virtual to reality, and ultimately meet the needs of local life model, will become the main theme of the future e-commerce industry.

Round Table Forum O2O and vertical integration are the major trends in the future

Following the presentation of Shi Zhengchuan, CEO of KmNet, Dolewsco Wang Le organized a roundtable discussion on the topic of "O2O and vertical integration are the major trends for future e-commerce providers."

Live roundtable forum discussion

During the discussion, guests think that in recent years, the localized life service market has been gradually warming up. Starting from the initial rush to buy local sites, services such as local restaurants, travel, movies, business travel and other services have also been developed rapidly. Curiously, though the prospects for e-commerce for local living services are widespread, the bigwigs lagged behind in this market.

This is mainly because, on the one hand, e-commerce based on local channels and services provided by local communities is beyond the control of big bosses for some time. On the other hand, vertically integrated e-commerce businesses have more industries and bigger ones Difficult to integrate. However, it is foreseeable that as domestic e-commerce market matures, the integration of local living services and vertical industries will inevitably become the two major directions for the development of e-commerce industry in the PRC.

Hyundai released the two major trump card pilot O2O e-commerce platform era

In the conference, km net also released two innovative e-commerce products "E life" and "cloud marketing." Li Ning, Technical Director of Km Network, conducted an in-depth introduction on these two products.

Km network technology director Li Ning

Based on the categories of top-up payment, living service, travel ticket, financial payment and other categories, "E Life" provides users with local life and convenience services such as communities, streets and villages. It will provide users with services ranging from system, supply, brand and operation support A complete set of e-commerce solutions. Users can use the system platform in the development of offline outlets, convenient services to people around the outlets, Huimin at the same time make a profit. E-Life will create a new local O2O business ecosystem with online resource integration and offline offline distribution, which will result in order closure, rationalization and flexible payment.

"Cloud sales" physical distribution system, focusing on the online retail, wholesale and distribution services for SMEs, set a variety of business models, mobile phone digital, FMCG, office supplies and other vertical industries e-commerce businesses preferred business support system. In today's traditional industries, small and medium enterprises with fixed sales (distribution) channels are available. Low-cost touch "electricity", accurate data marketing, efficient backstage management, lucrative late return is cloud sales physical distribution system can bring four core values ​​of enterprises.

In addition, Li Ning, chief technology officer of km network, also said that in the future, the main battlefield of local life e-commerce should be the two major areas of regional e-commerce and vertical e-commerce. In the first release of "China's First Local E-commerce Conference" The two major products, "E-Lifestyle APP Version," and "Cloud Marketing," are tailor-made for these two areas.

In this regard, industry experts believe that given the complexity of regional and vertical e-commerce models, businesses and individuals who venture into this area will inevitably spend too much energy on IT technology, platform setup and up-front costs. The emergence of "E-Lifestyle APP Version" and "Cloud Marketing" at the kilometer level provides a more convenient and efficient way for these enterprises and individuals to cut into regional and vertical e-commerce. It is foreseeable that in the near future, with the impetus of the "E-life" and "cloud sales" of the Km net, the local life electricity supplier industry will surely usher in even greater development.

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