Smart socks Sensoria can be cleaned with water

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"TechWeb Report" June 21 News, smart watches, only eyes and even smart shoes and so on, perhaps wearable equipment has become a trend, more and more manufacturers and research and development staff involved. One named Heapsylon developed a smart sock "Sensoria" that monitors the calorie consumption and movement of users. It is understood that this smart sock is not really a smart device, it is similar to Microsoft Kinect sensor input (the company's two founders were involved in the Kinect development work). The user also needs to bring a Bluetooth foot ring, use the foot ring to transmit the monitored data to the smartphone, and make corresponding display and analysis. In other words, smart socks are just like sensors. It is reported that such a set of Sensoria socks plus Bluetooth foot ring and the corresponding software needs 150 of dollars, is fund-raising phase, is expected next year will be possible mass production listing. But what is the market for such a pair of expensive socks? We don't expect much, but the idea is exciting.
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