Snapchat is being targeted for 4.6 million user data leaks.

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"TechWeb Report" Beijing Time January 2 News, according to the information website BusinessInsider report, after confirmed, hackers yesterday exploited Snapchat security loophole to steal a large number of user information, and a database containing 4.6 million user names and user contact telephone to expose on the network, Nearly 4.6 million Snapchat account information is posted to the website. Snapchat has been founded for 2 years and has more than 8 million adult users in the United States alone. After the account information was released, the SNAPCHATDB website was once offline, the SNAPCHATDB website shows: "This account has been suspended, either because the domain name is overused, or the middleman has exhausted resources." "Our ' Find Friends ' feature allows users to upload their contact book contacts to Snapchat so that we can display a user account that matches the address book," says Snapchat. The user can choose whether to add a mobile number to the Snapchat account, but this option will be convenient for your friends to search you. We do not display your contact number to other users, nor do we support locating the phone number based on a username. "Theoretically, if someone can upload a huge collection of numbers, such as all the numbers in a region, or all the numbers in the United States, they can create a result database and match the username to the phone number," says Snapchat. Over the past year, we have deployed a variety of security measures to make this pattern of misappropriation more difficult. We have recently added new responses and will continue to implement improvements. ”
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