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According to news website, cloud storage start-up Box has secretly submitted an IPO application document to the SEC, and if it goes well, it will be listed as a step ahead of other competitors, taking the initiative in the cloud-era competition.

Box has won support from SMEs to top 500 companies with its simple, secure, and high-performance way of sharing. O2 Media is a full-service company and government, the company with box in addition to its basic cloud storage settings, can also allow colleagues to share files, assign tasks, leave comments, or to be alerted when the file changes. Box provides a large amount of privacy control, which is particularly important for companies that serve the class. Companies can decide who can browse and open scheduled folders and files, and who can upload and edit documents, and even use passwords to protect stand-alone files.  O2 Media uses box for data storage, which greatly protects the privacy of businesses and governments. Box is a great choice for business users. But for Chinese users, the cumbersome features and transmission problems in box may be overwhelming. and Sohu Enterprise network as the domestic cloud storage industry leader brand, in the enterprise continue to deploy cloud services, data protection is increasingly important today, for more and more enterprises to provide professional cloud office services. Beijing A service company is the use of Sohu Enterprise network of a member, the company's manager said that the choice of cooperation with the Sohu network, the network disk's large file upload and sharing function to solve many of the company's business problems, simplifying the workflow, at the same time the collaboration between different departments office efficiency greatly improved. While increasing efficiency, the company also greatly reduced the office costs. Sohu Enterprise Network disk in the company's office business has played a key role, but also for the continuous development of the company has provided a very big help.

Sohu Enterprise Network disk as a set of storage, backup, synchronization, sharing as one of the collaborative intelligent Cloud Office platform, with the following main functions: First, file online centralized management, to achieve the distribution of various types of documents and online preview; second, collaborative sharing, access to document sharing, but also to notify the sharing of news messages Multiple people editing files, automatic real-time update to the cloud, compared to the traditional QQ, mail transmission mode, more convenient time-saving; third, multi-platform synchronization, even if not in the office can be used to work through mobile devices; four, file sharing, use the Sohu Enterprise network disk can be a little mouse sharing to the internal team, Can also be generated outside the chain for customers and external members to download and share; Five, enterprise management, administrators can easily add or bulk import staff information, flexible allocation of space capacity, and by group Management department or team. In addition to the above several major functions, Sohu Enterprise Network also provides enterprise domain name binding, enterprise custom skin and logo settings, as well as organizational settings.  Compared with box cloud storage, Sohu Enterprise network occupies the natural advantage of the Chinese market, with its safest and most stable service, inject strong impetus for the rapid development of enterprise. As a fast and efficient cloud storage service, Sohu Enterprise network is relying on its worthy "China box" brand strength, open up a vast number of user groups, but also the vision to a broader market areas. Sohu Enterprise Network for the market to provide the most preferential investment policy, hope that more enterprises to join hands Sohu to win a broader business wealth!

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