South Korea launches "Dragon Valley" body sense operating system stands to play games

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The "Valley of the Dragon" secret research and development times of the body sense peripherals according to overseas media reports, by the South Korean Eyedentity Games Research and Development, nexon operation of the super popular 3D ARPG game Dragon Nest is secretly developing the times of the body sense peripherals, code-named "Project J",  In order to sacrifice for the protection of the players in the game of the well-known NPC Gerand. According to the information currently available, the project J team is comprised of more than 50 elite research and development staff, and the success of research and development will likely work with microblogs.  It is worth mentioning that Microsoft's Xbox360 has been added to the somatosensory operation, and "Project J" because it can capture many people's action model and projection into the game, is the second generation of the body sense peripherals. In addition, according to the "Project J" related principals, dynamic capture is just the tip of the iceberg, facial capture and pet scanning can make you more fun to interact with people in the game. In addition, through the addition of the game will increase the ability to store, such as the user adhere to hold the weapon, the damage value can directly kill the game's powerful boss Hailong.  It can be imagined that according to the progress of this research and development, perhaps the era of mind control online games is no longer distant. An unnamed industry personage said, "DN" new peripherals technology research and development, originated from the action game itself inspiration, in the early stage of China's online, operators will brand to "body with heart, free adventure" concept, now the concept has come to reality. This upheaval has helped open the game to the European and American markets that love outdoor sports, and will bring no small profits.  And not before the team members faced the interview that they did not profit, just for the "DN" to achieve the reality of the dream of the 3D action experience of research and development.  "DN" As in the world has 250 million fans, in China 2011 for the most successful online games, for the promotion of Korean game has an important impact, but also the classic Korean game representative works.  Project J Secret Test Video today is April Fool's Day, everyone happy April Fool's. Do you believe it? Don't you believe it? I do not know the video is true or false ... (Digging the shell net)
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