Spam message per million households reported a drop of 85%

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"This newspaper Beijing message" spam message has gradually become a social nuisance, has been criticized by all sectors of society. From the 12321 network of Bad and garbage Information Report Processing center statistics show that on the one hand, the total number of spam messages are still rising, on the other hand by the community widely criticized by the telecommunications operators reported a decline in the number.  Experts believe that: the root of the problem of spam message, depends on the establishment of social cooperation mechanism. Recently, the 12321 Report Center released this April's "network of Bad and garbage information report on the status of the monthly Report," The monthly data show that the total number of spam message reported increased by 133.68%.  Among them, the number of mobile phone network reported increased significantly, the chain increase by 288.83%. The same data from 12321 shows that the effectiveness of the management of telecom operators has been more obvious. China Mobile, for example, January 2010, China Mobile spam message per million users reported rate of 614.86, and March 2011, the number dropped to 90.71.  In the 14-month period, China Mobile spam message per million households reported a decline of 85%. "Spam message is a long-standing problem for mobile phone users, from January 1, 2010 to April 30, 2011, China Mobile has processed customers to report spam more than 8.56 million pieces."  China Mobile insiders said. Experts believe that the good regulation of spam message this checkpoint, telecom operators need to do their best, China Mobile, China Telecom and Unicom 3 operators are duty-bound. But at present, the kinds and ways of the spam messages are becoming more and more complicated, so we can't rely on the operators, but rely on the unison from many aspects such as law, policy measure and citizen consciousness.
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