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Huang Xiaoming, Li Bingbing and Ren Quan three star "Iron Triangle" portfolio Following the shares of listed companies, after investing in food and drink, the idea of ​​group appearance is clearly still unresolved. Yesterday, the three celebrities choose the Internet's first knowledge community "Luo thinking" released a Heavy news, said the establishment of a company called StarVC, officially declared into the field of venture capital.

Beijing Times reporter Ao Xiaobo

Star iron triangle into the VC

Recently, Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming and Ren Quan's triangle group frequently appeared out. Tri-joint restaurant business is now doing well, the respective shareholding of listed companies is also issued dividends, right now, the three will be the cooperation of the trumpet blown to the field of venture capital.

Li Bingbing, Huang Xiaoming, Ren Quan July 11 through the Internet first knowledge community "Luo thinking" announced involved in the Internet venture capital circle, founded founder "StarVC", looking for China's innovative company. All three said they had prepared enough sincerity and money to be responsible not only for corporate shareholders but also for user experience.

At the same time, perhaps out of consideration for their "star effects," the three stars said they can inject a charismatic personality into the startup's brand and will personally experience and evaluate the product, while still providing funding for startups Publicity help.

Star accelerate the pace of investment

VC (VentureCapital) translated into Chinese is a venture capital. According to the American Association of Venture Capitalists, venture capitalism is a kind of equity capital invested by professional financiers in emerging and rapidly growing enterprises with great potential for competition. This form of investment is more common in foreign celebrities, but rare in our country. Prior to this, only Yu Quan announced his involvement in the mobile Internet investment industry and other cases. Right now three domestic first-line stars announced involved in the field, once again triggered a hot market.

In fact, the pace of investment in the three areas as its star status as a front line, walk in the forefront of peers. Prior to the three partners opened a hot pot shop, mainly by the Ren Quan investment is responsible for the management and management.

According to public information shows that the pace of investment of the three are big strides forward. To Li Bingbing, for example, as a shareholder of Huayi Brothers, Li Bingbing holds the company 720,000 shares, the market value of 10 million yuan. Huang Xiaoming Huayi Brothers also holds the same investment projects also involved in film, television, wine, golf clubs, real estate and other aspects. The three most operational mind Ren Quan is in the restaurant industry has set a benchmark.

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