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License the New China government is developing a "support for the western region to undertake industrial transfer" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinion"), in order to support the eastern coastal areas of the developed industries to accelerate the transfer to the Midwest, accelerate the development of the western region.  Du Jue, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, revealed the news yesterday when he attended the first Ministry of East-West cooperation forum.  Du Jue said that in order to support the East-west ministry to carry out industrial cooperation, the country's forthcoming "opinion" will be in the fiscal revenue, land use, ancillary facilities, such as the construction of effective measures to support the eastern region of the industry to accelerate the transfer to the Midwest.  However, he did not disclose the details of the opinion, nor the timing of the introduction of the opinion. It will be a continuation of the Chinese government's recent series of policies to promote Western development. At the executive meeting of the State Council chaired by Premier Wen Jiabao in Wednesday, it was clearly stated that we should unswervingly implement the Western development strategy.  At the end of February, at the State Council executive meeting, the State Council to optimize the national industrial layout of the six solutions, "the promotion of electronic information, light industry, textile and other industries to accelerate the transfer of the central and western regions" impressively in the column. After 10 years of development in the West, China's western region has made great progress. However, Du Jue said that the western region as a whole "backward infrastructure, fragile ecological environment, economic structure is not reasonable, self-development capacity is not strong" state has not fundamentally changed, and the development of the eastern coastal developed areas of the widening gap between the trend has not been fundamentally reversed. To this end, China must deeply implement the strategy of the Western development, "to more effective measures, more pragmatic work in depth to promote cooperation in the East and the West."  "This Wednesday State Council executive meeting pointed out that the West should develop characteristic advantage industries, actively and orderly to undertake international and domestic industrial transfer, the resource advantages into industrial advantages and competitive advantages, the development of energy industry, transformation and upgrading of resource processing industries, and strengthen the equipment manufacturing industry, accelerate the development of strategic emerging industries and modern services Du Jue said that in accordance with the principle of "government-led, market-oriented, complementary advantages and mutual benefit", the eastern and western regions of China will carry out extensive cooperation in such fields as infrastructure, ecological construction, environmental protection, characteristic agriculture, exploitation and utilization of mineral resources, major equipment manufacturing and modern service industries,  The Government will also actively guide Eastern industries to orderly transfer to the Midwest and promote a more rational pattern of industrial division in the whole country. Scientific and technological cooperation is also an effective measure of cooperation between East and west China. Du Jue said that the government would encourage qualified places to build national key laboratories, engineering and technology research centers to promote the optimal allocation of scientific and technological resources, open sharing and efficient use.  At the same time, the Government will guide enterprises in the eastern region to establish research and development centers in the western region. Du Jue also said that the eastern and western regions should strengthen cooperation in the areas of talent, openness and helping counterparts.
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