Stockpile time! Disney variety of iOS apps to lower prices next week

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According to foreign media news, November 26, the next Monday, Disney will be some of its popular applications to the price of sale. According to a Disney official press release, will be in the Internet Monday to reduce the use of more books, are: "Rapunzel" luxury version of the story book (Tangled:storybook Deluxe IPhone: The story will cost 2.99 dollars (18 yuan), the original price of 6.99 U.S. dollars (equivalent to 43.6 yuan). "Rapunzel" luxury version in the Disney "Rapunzel" luxury version of the story can be interactive experience magic story. Vivid illustrations, animated movies, verbatim readings, fascinating music and sound effects, and character soundtracks, each page will give the reader a pleasant surprise. Long hair princess was cursed by witches, imprisoned in the high tower of the forest, never left the tower. One day, a thief named Ferrin found her, and the two of them began a strange journey across the kingdom. From the bar rascal to the dazzling festival, Rapunzel soon learned that the life outside the tower was so colorful ... "The Brave Tales" luxury Story book (Brave:storybook Deluxe IPhone: The story will cost 2.99 dollars (18 yuan), the original price of 6.99 U.S. dollars (equivalent to 43.6 yuan). Dollar. Legends of bravery for a long time, those great War stories and magical legends have been the word of mouth, generation after generation, in this stretch and mysterious Scottish high ground. The brave Melida struggles with the traditional bondage, pursues the freedom to change own destiny. Melida is the eldest daughter of King Fogg and Queen Alison, an excellent archer and unruly character. In order to get out of the way of life, Melida refused to inherit the ancient tradition of sanctity to the 3 tribal chiefs (Dinwa, McKinley, Macque). Melida's recklessness brought chaos and disaster to her kingdom, and when she sought help from the witch in the Forest, the witch carried out a disastrous spell. In order to save their homes, let life return to good, cursed Melida resorted to all the solutions, including his triplets brothers to help her to lift the spell, find the true meaning of courage. Racing Story 2: Read the first game (Cars 2 Read and Race) IPhone: The Storybook app will sell for $2.99 (RMB 18) and the original price is 6.99 dollars (equivalent to 43.6 yuan). Dollar. Race 2 to launch your engine into this thrilling racing world! Here you can enjoy the wonderful stills of Disney/Pixar movies, experience exciting interactive games, professional dubbing, music and sound effects, and custom 3D racing and four thrilling circuits! The story will be followed by Lightning McQueen and other world's top racers from Tokyo Street, Italy wave Port, London to the water tank Wenquan Town. Every dramatic event is designed for readersPlace a rest stop, where you can build your own unique World Cup competition team. At the end of the story, you will be able to match the Lightning McQueen and the French Lance High racing stars in the winding round of the World Cup race! Disney's Royal Princess Party (Princess) IPhone: The game will cost 1.99 dollars (RMB 12). Game Synopsis: Welcome to the fantastic, glamorous Disney royal party, just in the event of our long Hair Princess celebration. Disney's royal party has a lot of very interesting activities, you can play with your favorite Disney princess fun! Disney Princess of the Royal Princess Party: Royal Christmas (A Royal Christmas) IPhone: The book application will be priced at 1.99 dollars. From the beach party to the feast of New Orleans, each princess celebrates Christmas in her own unique way. Cinderella held a holiday party, and when her fairy godmother added magic to the event, it became a Christmas war. Early in the morning, Alison's Christmas scavenger Hunt was a surprise to her family and friends. Tiana held a Christmas celebration during which he met an uninvited guest! Disney princess: Royal Christmas
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