Street lamp + Charging pile model is expected to solve the problem of charging for electric vehicle popularization

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Absrtact: Reporter recently learned from the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing has been carrying out the pilot street lamp charging, energy-saving after the transformation of the power capacity to support electric vehicle charging. Street lamp + Charging pile model is expected to solve the problem of limiting the popularity of electric vehicles. Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission

Reporter recently learned from the Beijing Science and Technology Commission, Beijing has launched the "street Lamp charging Pile" transformation pilot, through the energy-saving power of street lamps to support electric vehicle charging. "Street lamp + charge Pile" model is expected to solve the problem of restricting the popularity of electric vehicles charging.

The director of Beijing Science and Technology Commission introduced, at present, the first batch of street lamp charging pile reform pilot has been launched, located in Changping District North Road, 88 street lamps from the traditional high-pressure sodium lamp converted to LED lights, saving enough capacity to support more than 10 pure electric vehicles at the same time charging.

In addition, 8 of pure electric vehicles slow filling pile also carry out a trial run, conventional charging time of four or five hours. These charging piles can be recharged during the day and night, and will effectively relieve the demand for electric taxis and private cars in the area.

According to the introduction, "energy-saving street lamp charge pile solution" to the electric vehicle charging pile and municipal street lamp energy-saving transformation, and explore the road lamp charge pile Contract Energy Management mode, and strive to the demonstration project to a wider scope, to solve the long-standing restrictions on the development of electric vehicles bottlenecks.

The official said that at present the construction of public charging facilities in Beijing is obvious, is to the initial in the five-ring built 5 km radius fast charging network, daily charging service capacity of the goal of the million vehicles. has been in the new energy vehicle 4S Shop, P+r car park, Science and Technology Park and high-speed road service areas such as the establishment of pure electric vehicle charging pile.

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