Sufficient capacity IPhone6 sapphire glass supply worry-free

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The 4.7-inch Apple IPhone6 is expected to be released in the second half of this year, and it is widely predicted that the new IPhone6 phone will have thinner shapes, faster A8 processors, better cameras and sapphire glass screens. Analyst Mattmargolis has previously surveyed apple sapphire glass supplier gtadvanced and made the above analysis, predicting that Apple would have enough sapphire glass supply in 2014, To produce iPhone6 and iwatch smart watches will not encounter the supply of sapphire glass. Gtadvanced was sent to Apple's sapphire-glass supplier, which already owns more than 2500 furnaces. After the end of this month to get Apple's advance, we can improve the equipment, the production of sapphire glass products. Mattmargolis recently surveyed gtadvanced, who believes the company's sapphire glass production capacity meets Apple's needs, and that the demand for iwatch, 4.7-inch iphones and 5.5-inch iphones in 2014 will not be a problem.
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