Suning's trans-boundary electric business or adopt the "Self + investment" mode

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Absrtact: Suningyun, the news of the preparation of Cross-border electricity dealers, caused Suning's share price rose up to 8.63%, its 7.88 yuan per share opened, closed at 8.32 Yuan, set a new high in several months. Some analysts said that Suning's cross-border electric business or take proprietary

"Suningyun business to prepare for Cross-border electricity Dealer" news, caused by the day, Suning shares rose up to 8.63%, its 7.88 yuan per share opened, closed at 8.32 Yuan, set a new high in several months. Some analysts said that Suning's cross-border electric business or the "proprietary + investment" model, at present, the huge cross-border transaction size to stimulate the cat, Amazon, shop 1th and so on to explore the foot, for the field, the next fights inevitable.

Suning buyers September 12 to the information Times reporter confirmed that the company in July has been low-key establishment of Cross-border electricity Business Project group, is currently in the global expansion of investment, is expected to channel or will be online at the end of the year. In fact, as early as the end of last year, Suning on the joint Cross-border shopping website "Ocean Terminal" launched a "global shopping" business. Earlier this year, Suning became the first domestic electric business enterprise to obtain International express license. At that time, some people in the industry said that this was the first step for Suning to enter the Cross-border electricity market. Securities personage Analysis: "Now, the establishment of Suning cross-border electricity quotient project group shows that Suning will establish the overseas supply chain, or adopt the ' self + Investment ' mode, the future coverage of Suning's Cross-border electric business will be wider." "The Ruzenwang of the electronic Business Observer believes that the establishment of a sound overseas supply chain system and the availability of preferential policies in the country will be the two major factors in the success of the Cross-border electricity dealers."

According to Analysys International statistics, China's Cross-border electricity transactions in 2013 amounted to 3.1 trillion yuan, accounting for 12.1% of total imports and exports, the next 3 years will continue to maintain the cross-border sales volume of about 30% annual growth rate, to 2016 to 6.5 trillion yuan, is expected to account for the total import and export 19%. PayPal data show that 2013 China's sea Amoy consumers up to 18 million people.

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