SurveyMonkey's CEO, who was also the boss of Yahoo Music.

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David Goldberg is the CEO of SurveyMonkey, the world's largest online survey website, and also the boss of Yahoo Music. He also has a beautiful and competent, famous may be taller than he also many wife Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. Yesterday, David appeared on the Startups Demo Day to make a keynote speech, sharing the experience of creating a great company.

David first talked about the first start-up company launch Media, which he founded 19 years ago, to make online music websites, print and CD-ROM music magazines. David said launch was a very early-tech company that had already achieved music and video streaming when there were very few broadband users. Launch developed into the largest music and video web site in that era, and was merged into the music department by Yahoo acquisition in 2001 at a price of 12 million dollars. David also became a logical director of Yahoo Music.

He joined SurveyMonkey as CEO since 2009. SurveyMonkey was founded early in 1999 by two brothers, Ryan Finley of Wisconsin and Chris Finley, who made the simplest use of the products to help people make decisions, and began earning money from the first day. The first employee was hired in 2005, and a new management team was hired to grow in Silicon Valley in 2009. Up to now, SurveyMonkey has financed up to $450 million trillion, helping clients (including the world's 500-strong 99%) to collect more than 1.5 million online survey responses every day.

David compared 20 years ago with the current entrepreneurial environment, he said today in the United States, start-up companies are fully encouraged and praised. And failure can be accepted, financing channels are diverse and feasible, and support mechanisms exist.

He summed up several points of "do" and "Don T":


Seek help from an experienced person and hire someone smarter and more knowledgeable than you.

Take money from the right investor, even when you don't need it;

Talk to people.


Fear New market competitors, in fact, good opponents can help you;

Only make products. The first task in the short term must be the product, but in the long run, make sure to build a business system at the same time;

Listen to the nagging of the doubters. Should be trying to prove them wrong.

David said that when he did launch he didn't raise money from the investors, partly because he had no experience and didn't know who to look for. At the same time he advises entrepreneurs not to sneak around, "ideas are no longer your secret weapon," and should be happy to talk to people, tell them what they are doing and get advice.

Finally David joked that SurveyMonkey in a strange market. Even if competitors have similar products, the same use, and even lower prices, customers are willing to continue to use SurveyMonkey products and services, customers do not want to move data and change usage habits.

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