T G1 four years old Happy birthday

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Four years ago today, the world of smartphones has changed. T G1 a low-key debut, with few people paying attention to its release, when G1 was in the shadow of the BlackBerry, and although some thought it would bring a bit of a change, I don't think anyone would think that Android would be the way it is today. With 1.3 million daily activation and more than 500 million total shipments worldwide, Android's market share is rising every moment. T G1 four years ago to focus on the Android Web site is very little, but we still know through various channels of Google's great plan-for the handset manufacturers to provide open source system, everyone can develop applications for it. T G1t-mobile G1g1 is a fascinated mobile phone, although it was not enough to replace the BlackBerry, but after four years of development, now the Android phone has become my daily machine. Now I still have a primitive G1, and occasionally put the SIM card on the play. Although compared with the current monster-class mobile phone G1 performance is far behind, but I will keep it.
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