Taikang Life shareholder replacement approved by Goldman Sachs

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Goldman Sachs Group held 12.02% of Taikang Life, "Shenzhen Business News" (reporter Hu Peixia) recently, Taikang Life Insurance Co., Ltd. shares transfer has been approved by the CIRC. The CIRC agreed that Axa Life Limited would transfer 133005124 shares of Taikang life. Among them, 8400000 shares to the Guardian auction company, 22167521 shares to the new Deal Teda investment company, 102437603 shares transferred to Goldman Sachs Group. After the transfer, Ka Tak occupies 14.98% of total equity, New Deal Teda occupies 10.9% of total equity, Goldman Sachs occupies a total of 12.02%.  AXA Life Limited is no longer holding shares in the company. Taikang Life is actively preparing for the listing, last year, the premium income of the domestic life insurance company five.
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