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The discussion about fresh electric power supplier or fresh O2O is very hot recently, and all kinds of fresh and small websites are established respectively. Product Network before the release of the "fresh O2O, who can do the restaurant" a article, that the restaurant do fresh O2O have the advantages of sourcing and experience, and fresh O2O feasible path analysis. Although the industry has high expectations for fresh electricity producers and fresh O2O, it is undeniable that there are very few successful cases at this stage. Product advice Next will be released some relevant articles to explore the fresh electricity business and fresh O2O, the collation of a number of foreign do a good health of fresh electricity, for the reference of all parties.

FreshDirect (Fresh Direct)

FreshDirect (Fresh Direct) was established in 2002 to provide fresh online ordering services for New York and surrounding areas. FreshDirect is popular for providing organic food and locally produced food, which also provides a large amount of kosher food, and is certified by Marine Stewardship Council as a sustainable marine supplier. FreshDirect (Fresh Direct) in Long I. established nearly 30,000 square meters of warehouses, with 12 different temperature of the preservation zone, its refrigeration chain production systems and logistics distribution system is very advanced. Unlike other fresh electricity suppliers, FreshDirect (Fresh Direct) is a typical robust enterprise, which needs to be repeatedly demonstrated before entering other markets, and was gradually expanded to New York's Manhattan Center after its establishment in 2002, until 2010, when it expanded its business to parts of New Jersey. FreshDirect (Fresh Direct) in 2003 to raise 31 million U.S. dollars, the current number of employees more than 2000 people. The 2012 revenue was about $400 million trillion.


Founded in 1989, Peapod is one of the first companies to use E-commerce to sell groceries (including fresh), headquartered in the town of Skauki (Skokie), just north of Chicago, USA. Peapod in 1996 on the official website Peapod.com, officially became the online grocery sellers. Peapod successfully listed on Nasdaq in 1997. In July 1998, Peapod sent the 1 millionth order and sent 15 million orders by 2009. In 2011 Peapod proposed the virtual grocery store (grocery stores) program, with more than 100 supermarkets and food stores in place. Peapod to supermarkets as suppliers, collect orders and partner supermarkets to communicate their own purchase, packaging and delivery. Peapod is mainly focused on the website development and distribution logistics system rather than the procurement of warehousing. This approach makes it an effective external purchaser of the network, focusing on E-commerce order processing and delivery. Peapod has 1800 employees, with a revenue of $500 million in 2012.


Relayfoods was founded in 2008, formerly known as retail relay,2010 to Relayfoods, headquartered in Charlotte, Virginia, United States. In January 2012, Relayfoods received a 3.1 million dollar investment in the seed wheel and April 2013, a round of 8.25 million dollars. For those who do not have time to go to the vegetable market and want to eat fresh ingredients, relayfoods can let them in the evening to look at the desired food products, after the purchase relayfoods will inform the supplier, let them carry out timely picking and preparation, the next day fixed point to deliver food to the user, This avoids the "last kilometer" problem most vegetable delivery services will encounter. In addition to the health of fresh electricity, Relayfoods also launched a subscription service, so that users can through the monthly payment, the annual payment plan to purchase food materials. At present, Relayfoods has about 100 employees and has opened a fresh online ordering service for 4 cities.

Ocado (Okedo)

Ocado (Okedo) was officially commercially operational in January 2002 and is a British corporate web site that sells other foods, toys and pharmaceutical products in addition to fresh sales. In 2010 Ocado (Okedo) established a 295000-square-foot operation center at Hartfield in the UK, and by 2011 Ocado (Okedo) 's distribution service covered 70% of British households. Through advanced logistics technology, Ocado (Okedo) 's order accuracy rate reached 99%, distribution using its own customized refrigerated Mercedes-Benz trucks, can be delivered to customers on the next day's orders accounted for 95%, of which 95% of the orders can be completed on time or even ahead of schedule. Ocado (Okedo) landed at the London Stock Exchange in July 2010, and Ocado (Okedo) achieved a revenue of £ 679 million in 2012, with more than 5,000 employees in the company.


AmazonFresh, an Amazon-focused company that specializes in fresh-delivery services, has been on the same day as fresh grocery delivery since August 2007, and has recently been extended to parts of Los Angeles. Because the problem with fresh groceries is that the product's storage cycle is too short and requires a strong logistics mix. Amazon has built warehouses containing refrigeration equipment in the Seattle area, and has hired a large number of trucks to service the "on the same day" or "on the morrow" for fresh electricity dealers. Amazon plans to extend its service to 40 U.S. regions by the end of 2014, AmazonFresh. Amazon also plans to deploy warehouses with refrigerated equipment in 90 locations. It should be said that with Amazon's warehousing and logistics capabilities and current layout, it is likely to replicate the success of other categories in the fresh field.

of course, in addition to the above five fresh electricity companies, there are quite a few good cases abroad, many emerging fresh electricity dealers have also been financing. For example, Blue Apron, which launched the service in September 2012, received $3 million in February 2013, while another named HelloFresh received $10 million in 2012. In addition to the independent Fresh electricity business website, the supermarkets, which are represented by Wal-Mart, Tesco and Publix, have launched online fresh ordering services. Quality Road consulting that, with the warehousing and logistics and other infrastructure to further improve the health of fresh electricity dealers or fresh O2O is expected to make greater progress.

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