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Android Tablet PC Design

There is no longer a need for designers to create experiences for a variety of mobile devices than they do now. As tablets are being accepted, we are in the post-PC era, and the company will take advantage of the quality of the tablet's user experience to capture the user's attention.   Successful Android tablet applications require a great idea to encourage users to download, use, and retain, as well as a user experience that makes it intuitive for Android users to find and adapt to the use of the environment. Next, learn about the ipad iOS user interface with Android ...

Long list on the phone

The Watch Lists are actually very long, there are dozens of items, the performance is this: Each page shows only 5, can be displayed in a screen, and then flip. We know in the design of PC web pages: put more content on a page display, better than the jump page, the user easier to see. A few meters long portal home is so come. Suddenly the mobile application may be for some designers a little overwhelmed, I feel the phone screen is small, single-finger operation is characterized by, and so I am not very clear reason, finally came to the conclusion that each page Can not scroll. This knot ...

91 Wireless Hu Zemin: Android game users faster than iOS platform

News and Technology December 20-21st, by Chengdu City Http:// "> People's government, the Mobile Games Development Alliance, China Mobile Communications Federation sponsored, People's Network ( 603000, shares bar), Tencent Network, when the music network co-organizer, by GMGC 2012 mobile games to host the conference held in Chengdu. This conference is composed of "mobile Gaming Industry Summit Forum" and "Global mobile game developer Conference".

Android TV Exposed

Summary: Android TV exposure, or in June Google I/O assembly unveiled according to Theverge News, Google living room scramble for the protagonist is an interface minimalist TV set-top box Android TV, may be in this June, the Google I/O conference will be officially unveiled. Android TV Android TV was exposed, or in June Google I/O conference unveiled according to Thever ...

Taking stock of fast-growing cross-border electricity dealers

Domain Name City ( November 10 News, these days, if you do not in the micro-letter Circle Brush out one or two purchasing information, it can only say that you have not "internationalization."     Well, say "purchasing" is a bit low? What about the "sea Amoy"? What about the "cross-border electricity dealers"? It's a big moment. The figures show that the two-year Cross-border electricity dealers are developing rapidly. August 2014, the domestic authoritative advisory body issued "China's cross-border electrical Business Industry research Report 2014", the report ...

JStock 1.0.6p Release stock trading software

JStock is an open-source stock trading software that supports the language of 26 countries. It provides a stock quotes watch list, day stock snapshots, stock indicator editors, stock index scans, portfolio management, Sales "> Chat features." Support free sms/email reminders. JStock 1.0.6p This version can be sorted by the stock portfolio management buying and selling ...

Bing apps renamed MSN Apps Landing iOS and Android dual platform

Microsoft will soon rename the Bing Application Suite (bingappsuite) on Windows and push it onto the competitive platform. In other words, these apps will be crowned with Msnapps titles and logged on to iOS and Android. Along with this news, there are the new revision of MSN Portal website. Microsoft said in its official blog: "In the next few months, we will release the MSN apps across iOS and Android platforms as Windows and Windowsphonea ...

The interpretation of humorous language 2014 major events in the IT field

Every week, the upbeat Phil Johnson helps to deliver important news and headlines in the tech world in a relaxed and enjoyable way.   --Boss, to be on the safe side, the IT department elves suggest you update your antivirus software and move Kim Jong-un from the "Bad Boy" list to the "Good Boy" list. December 24--Santa Claus has learned from Sony for years, it has been thought that the most wanted gift for the North Korean leader during Christmas is a sock coal. However, in the ...

Who will become the Prometheus of the Chinese Internet?

According to the Greek mythology, Prometheus stole the fire and was imprisoned by Zeus in the Caucasus, and each day he was given an eagle to peck his liver. Prometheus, the name means "foresight" (forethought).   He helped mankind steal from Olympus, but also angered Zeus, and finally Zeus locked him in the cliffs of Caucasus, and sent an eagle every day to eat his liver, but let his liver every day to grow again. In fact, this is the portrayal of Chinese Internet entrepreneurs – on the one hand, most of the ideas come from "Copy t ..."

Grassroots stationmaster of He, why choose Ego Revolution?

Grassroots origin, Webmaster started, the two unique experience of the Chinese venture into the most legendary warrior.   But why did he choose his own revolution when it came to the most important harvest of his life? If it were not an English report in the Wall Street Journal, few people would have known what country TTg was, what it was doing, and no one had linked it to CAI. With November 27 officially landed on the Australian stock Exchange, TTG finally unveiled his own mystery: It came from Shenzhen, China, to make bank card coupons business, the IPO day market value of 480 million Australian dollars (about ...).

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