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After a survey of the world's five continents of cloud computing, there is no big event in the cloud, but it is also a rough indication of the development trend of cloud computing in each continent.

Europe's approach to cloud computing is rigorous, using universal access; Americans are thinking about the equation; Asia is working to reduce infrastructure spending; more and more cloud-computing companies are emerging in Africa and more governments are starting to involve cloud computing; The biggest news in cloud computing, which has been released recently in the Clouds times, is the preference for vendor-driven work patterns and local server operations.


Continental Europe is experiencing some of the biggest advances in cloud computing. Some analysts even think the continent will become synonymous with cloud computing. The springing up of cloud computing start-ups is trying to make Europe the center of the Earth. For example, you can communicate with other business people in these two cities, rather than having to fly from Berlin to Rome. In addition, the guide will no longer be necessary when a person is alone in a foreign city: the tech Center organization will help you find the hotel's attendant and the city's distinctive features.

In general, Europe has defined trends over the years:

1. Cloud computing industry information technicians have become a necessary profession.

2. Outstanding cloud computing as the current cloud computing business development model.

3. Build a permanent, unified standard based on the typical web cloud and hybrid cloud.


It can be said that since the cloud computing concept was born, the United States seems to have been the hub of cloud computing. According to an opinion poll, the states, municipalities and other federal states in the jurisdiction of the U.S. have been given rights in this field. Although most of the work is done on the Internet, the leading government is also developing a corresponding income tax system. Even countries are enjoying almost free services using cloud services software and data centers. It can be said that in the cloud computing industry, the United States has the most innovative niche in application development, electronic product production and research breakthrough achievements.


Despite the growing number of high-end electronics, the Asian region is more keen to reduce spending through cloud computing. After a number of government bans on Internet services in different countries or regions, many people are trying to find a way to apply Internet services as securely as they can. They must find new ways to use their electronic products while driving the cloud within the business scope. In addition, they also want to reduce network costs.

Overall, Asia's cloud computing industry is developing cheaper and more economical. It aims to reduce the cost of information technology staff and the need for infrastructure.


Throughout Africa's Internet, we can see the light of hope. Each site visit is a High-tech scene, both on the content and on the advertising page. Now there are specific companies, such as Microsoft, are using their resources to leverage to help companies make the most of their resources. Similarly, the Governments of sub-Saharan African countries have increased the number of relevant sectors, through a series of policies to play the role of government to help their citizens maintain the renewal.

Many businesses (small and medium-sized enterprises and large enterprises) are expanding their business through cloud computing. They are also trying to find sponsors that can help prop up a new company (start-ups).


The Australian region has gained in the area of cloud computing as it is the most enlightened society south of the equator. There is more preference for vendor-driven models than for personal data control. At the same time, data security is the most important issue.

Australia's private cloud is growing at a rate of 20%. For a more stable application development phase, the most important drivers are the developers themselves.

All of these trends can be seen as a possibility that the cloud computing industry in all continents of the future could grow lush. From Europe to Asia, from the Americas to Africa and Africa, people can always find a trend worth learning.

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