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2013, O2O is unprecedented fiery. The largest field in the O2O market is catering , which has received a lot of attention at the outset. Group buying is now over, the United States to occupy half of the next is the public comments, the market share of the two over 70%, very ferocious; catering sales market in the near the end of the moment suddenly, the giants of the nerves by a strong stimulus , are ready to layout; Map O2O platform Dream is wingman, fear is discreetly. Another area of concern, but low-key luxury, is the vertical market associated with family tables, mainly in the form of gourmet recipes, and attracts many players, who now have a total user size of around 60 million.

Next, please follow the rhythm of the sand water, together to enjoy the 2013 restaurant O2O market beautiful scenery.

Catering Market Smoke

Group buying market pattern has been set, needless to say more. However, another segment of the market has broken out, that is, catering takeout. November 27, online booking platform "Hungry" The news of the financing of 25 million of dollars, a pound of O2O once again burned the heat of the fire. Immediately thereafter, Ali and the United States Regiment also online special O2O takeout Business Department-Taobao Point and the United States to sell. Thus, the whole catering O2O market war from group buying extended to the field of takeout.

Where the money close to the place, must be a gathering of rivals, fierce competition from needless to say, previous group buying has already proved this logic. Speaking of the domestic Internet development ecology, all hot spots and tuyere, a time must have a bunch of people pouring in, buy is, internet finance is, takeaway is also. In China, the internet's jungle law has been interpreted vividly, it is bloody fighting and the jungle. Because of this, the domestic internet companies want to succeed, not the model on the direction of the line, this is a must have the spirit of "rogue" to play the place, but also to prevent the risk of being a giant cottage, it is really scary step by step alarming. Or how can some bosses suggest that small businesses should keep a low profile, and then come out again when their competition threshold is high enough?

You know, the size of the takeaway market is no less than group buying. At present, the country's large and small outside the sale of a lot of sites, but to make a remarkable achievement of the only hungry, this is relative to the original group buying competition is relatively better than the environment. Believe that the financing of 25 million dollars greatly stimulated the nerves of the Giants, so that Ali and the United States to put heavily into the layout of the group, the public comments are also eager to go.

As for the public comment, the 2013 was quite questionable and heavily burdened. The Zhang, which has always been restrained, is also active in the second half of this year, exposing frequently. His rhythm is uncharacteristically, I do not know is under the pressure of outside the staff to cheer to figure the tide, or in the struggle no longer calm to figure the Jedi counterattack. In view of the fact that the public reviews the story already many, no longer repeat. Only a little sand water to say is: The public comments this slow-moving behemoth can only go forward in the new business on the next, the comments are no longer its advantage, want to turn is not back. This, in the future, may leave the possibility of digging the tomb.

Map O2O Layout I'm afraid of daydreaming

In addition, it is worth saying that the map industry this year also began to increase the platform in the O2O layout, mainly in the Baidu map and the gold map of the new enemy body. Both sides have hundreds of millions of users, the cooperation of businesses covering hotels, restaurants, cinemas, banks and other traditional local life service areas. First the free war, after the O2O entrance dispute, the Internet map as an important gateway to the mobile Internet, the intensity of competition can be seen.

Sand also saw several articles about the prospect of introducing maps O2O. There are also some of the friends from the media wrote the relevant serial articles, and face-to-face exchanges. For a long time I was only observing, because something too new could not be judged at once. But after a period of observation and reflection, sand water is to see the model of O2O map. The reasons are as follows:

1, the essence of mobile phone map is to solve the user to find the location and traffic routes, which in the user's mind has formed the inherent positioning, if not solve the user's habit of this biggest obstacle, other temporary look is wishful thinking paradise.

2, connected to the above, even if the map service cut into the local life services, even if it is convenient, but you can give users a want to find a restaurant or KTV on the first time think of you and on your reasons? You know it's not the time to open up your legs, because this is the age of the user's heart.

3, the frequency of use of the map itself is very low, but also very stable, in the beginning can not form too high conversion. If you can not occupy the user's time, you can not please ta more favor. Micro-letters can be extended from an instant messaging tool to a game, O2O, electricity, mobile payment and other fields, it is because its core needs can occupy the user mobile access to the Internet and use of time, and then the birth of a variety of possibilities, but the mobile map of the core needs of their own positioning doomed O2O road of the people difficult to dismantle.

4, the local Life service class O2O is strongly relies on the line channel and the merchant relations, takes the map class product as an example, their data mostly comes from the public comment, completely has not own core competitiveness, how to play? Even now using the UGC model to collect their own data resources, but poor quality, How to solve the problem of inefficiency is probably a big problem.

To sum up, sand think the mobile map into the local Life service category O2O market is a certain import advantages, but the entrance can not be eaten, there are limitations of product genes. How to change the user's cognition, establish the user's usage habits, and have rich value of the online value-added service resources are very difficult problems. Therefore, the map manufacturer's O2O market layout is probably just a daydream.

A low-key and luxurious presence in the dining table

The market in the table mainly refers to the menu market, which is a vertical area neglected by most people. However, being neglected by the industry does not mean that there is no vitality or potential. You know, the market inside and outside the table is equally huge, the conceivable commercial space is also bigger. If the local Life service category O2O dominate the users of all aspects of food and drink, then the market demand in the table may change the decision-making process and standards outside the table, and can expand the border is very wide, to health and beauty of the baby, down to the vegetable rice YOUYANJIANGCU tea.

In terms of the recipe market, there is a good bean recipe, beans and fruit food, the next kitchen, gourmet Jay, Gourmet world, online kitchen, and many other people into the Bureau. Among them, good bean recipes, beans and fruit food, the next kitchen in the mobile end of the development of tens of millions of users, and from 2011 onwards has won the Apple's official annual Best application title. We should not underestimate such a tens user market, because it is likely to be tens of thousands of families, will directly or indirectly affect hundreds of millions of people. Moreover, the food Recipes app users are mainly female, accounted for more than 70%, and the majority of users under the age of 35 years old, but also the current family network to buy the main force of consumption.

Such a small market gathered so many startups, most of the year is not short, there are venture capital involved. Low-key, because the tuyere has not yet, but the existence of this luxury must be able to continue to exist reasons. As far as the present situation is concerned, first of all, the recipe market is very big but needs to be exploited, the eruption still waits for the time; second, the competitor is many, and the product homogeneity is serious, the competition situation in 2013 already relatively concentrated, 2014 must realize the market pattern the further integration, seizes the resources and Capital or will be to support the game players in the recipe industry to win the victory of the important factor, which has the strength of its own funds and occupy the market advantage of the good bean recipe is undoubtedly ahead of a chip.

In short, the 2013 restaurant O2O market is a ups and downs. Group buying has fallen to listen to, takeaway, map O2O still in mirrors among; it is worth noting that another small stream of food and beverage dishes to take shape in the family table market. Now the 4G era has come, 3G users about 400 million scale, mobile network more popular, new users will continue to uplink, market competition is increasingly fierce, the new catering O2O war must be launched in 2014. After the Spring Festival, you can move the small stool to see it.

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